Everything About You

Emily isn't very popular. The kids at school avoid her because of some stupid rumor her ex spread. Then Emily meets Liam. Liam helps her forget everything and soon her life becomes his.


12. July 23

I sat in the hotel lobby waiting for the boys to return from rehearsals. It was the final step before Judges House and all the boys were nervous. The final Boot Camp would be broadcast tonight. Zayn walked in and gave me a hug and went up to his room. Then Niall walked in. I picked me up and swung me around. He kissed my check and then went upstairs to his room which he was sharing with his mum. Harry walked in a bit later. He gave me a hug and sat down on the couch with me.

"Where's Lou and Liam?" I asked.

"Liam wanted to practice a bit more, and Louis will be here in a second." Harry said. He looked towards the door and Louis came walking in.

"Hey Haz, hey Emily," Louis said as he came up to us. We hugged and then he did his secret hand-shake with Harry. After we walked towards the elevator. I pressed the button and we waited for it to come down.

"So how was practice?" I asked as the little door dinged and we walked into the elevator.

"It was good, I think I still need more practice though. The show is tomorrow night and I still don't feel ready. I really want to get through." Louis said.

"I'm sure you'll do fine," I said as I grabbed Louis hand. The elevator stopped and Harry got off. "My room?" I asked. Louis nodded.

"Some alone time sounds nice. I'll see you for dinner Haz," Louis said as he waved good-bye to Harry. I pressed the next button and we got off as the door opened again. We walked down the hall and I opened up the door.

The room smelled fresh. I could tell that the maids had recently been here. But Liam's pile of dirty cloths still lay in the corner by his bed. Louis sat down on the couch and I plopped down next to him. He put his arm around me and I snuggled in closer to him. I grabbed the tv remote and turned on a movie. I had never seen it before but Louis had. It was A Walk To Remember. I had heard people talk about it, but I had just never seen it.

Louis warned me that it was a sad movie, but we continued to watch it. By the end of the movie I was in tears. I had always hated sad movies. Louis stroked me hair during the entire movie. When it was over I turned the TV off.

"Lets do something," I said as I sat up and looked at Louis. He smiled.

"Like this?" he questioned as he kissed me. When he pulled away I smiled.

"Well I wasn't thinking of that, but it works." he laughed. He looked at his watch.

"Dang it!" he yelled. "It's 5:45. We're suppose to be at the arena right now!" Louis jumped up from the couch. "Run down stairs and call a car. I have to get my cloths from my room," Louis said as he ran out the door. I smiled. I grabbed my purse and walled down the hall and waited for the elevator. When it came I went inside then pressed the L button. When it opened back up I walked out and went up to the front desk.

"Hello? How may I help you?" the manager asked as he looked up from his computer.

"I need a car so me and my boyfriend can get to the X-factor," I caught myself saying that Louis was my boyfriend and I smiled at the thought. I didn't really know what we were, if we were just friends or what.

"And are either one of you contestants?" the manager asked.

"Yes, Louis Tomlinson. He's suppose to be there right now," I said as the manager picked up a phone.

"Yes, I need a contestants car. Be here as fast as you can," he said as he hung up the phone.

"Thank you," I said as I walked outside. Louis ran up beside me just as a black car was driving up. We got in and drove to the arena.

When we got to the arena, Louis and I ran into the doors. Simon was standing by them and gave Louis a disapproving glare.

"Mr. Tomlinson, this competition is not for children. This is for adult. If you can not be on time then I'm afraid you will not go far in the competition," Simon said as he led us down the hallway.

"Yes sir, I'm sorry," Louis said. I could tell that he wanted to cry. He was probably thinking that he had ruined his chance to be famous. I grabbed his hand and looked at him and smiled. Simon led us to the back room where all the other contestants were. Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam all stood in a circle. Louis and I walked up to them.

"Hey! Where were you?" Zayn exclaimed.

"Sorry lads, Em and I got distracted and lost track of time," Louis said.

"Oh did ya?" Harry question as he raised his eyebrows. "How was it?" Harry asked. Everyone started laughing even me.

"How was what?" Liam asked. I laughed.

"Don't worry about it Li, Harry just has a dirty mind " We all laughed and one-by-one the boys would leave to preform. After about 2 hours the show was over. We all took one car back to the hotel. All the boys were stressed and I could almost feel it. They all decided to go to bed.

The next morning we all met in the lobby for breakfast. They wanted McDonald's so we walked down the street to eat. They were all silent, even Louis. Afterwards we all walked back to the hotel. There was a crowd of people in the lobby. Simon stood in the middle of the crowd.

"Attention everyone!" he yelled over the crowd. The crown fell silent, wanting to hear what Simon had to say.

"We will be having the results show today, We need everyone to leave now and go to the arena. We want you there in 30 minutes so we can go ahead and get started." Simon left and so did the crowd. They all dispersed out the door to the cars.

When we arrived at the arena they split everyone into 4 different groups. I gave all the boys a hug and went to sit out in the main part to watch. They called out one group; they were through. The next group didn't go through. The third group made it through. My heart sunk. The boys weren't in any of those groups. They were in the last one, and everyone knew that the last group wouldn't make it through.

One by one the boys filed off of the stage. They walked out to where I was standing. They were all crying. I hugged them all. I didn't know what to say. After a few minutes, a security guard walked up to us.

"They judges would like the five of you back on stage," he said.

I hugged all the boys again and watched them as they walked back into the auditorium and up to the stage. I looked at the TV's.

"Boys," Simon begun. "We feel that you are too good to pass up, but won't do well as solo-its. So we have decided to put you into a group. Congratulations."

I watched as the boys all started crying again. They hugged each other and ran out to me. They all crowed around me and had a group hug. This was going to be the start of something new. I just knew it.

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