Everything About You

Emily isn't very popular. The kids at school avoid her because of some stupid rumor her ex spread. Then Emily meets Liam. Liam helps her forget everything and soon her life becomes his.


4. Abused

I slowly opened the door and stuck my head into the family room. I could smell the alcohol. I didn't see my mum. I opened up the door more and quickly moved into my room. I locked the door and went over to my bed. I knew that my mum had gotten fired. Again. She was always like this when she got fired. She was always grumpy but it was even worse when she go fired. I had learned just to stay out of her way.  I pulled out my phone and I saw a text from Liam.

Liam: Are you alright?

Me: I'm fine

Liam: I know you arn't really fine. Whats up?

Me: I just can't tell you right now

Liam: Alright but just know that I'm here for you

I smiled. Liam was a really good friend and I could tell him anything but there was just something that I just couldn't tell him yet. My stomach growled and I stood up and looked at the time. It was 10:13, I had no idea how it had gotten so late. I opened up my bedroom door and moved slowly into the kitchen. I opened up a cupboard and pulled out a piece of bread and some peanut butter. I heard something behind me and I spun around. My mum stood against the far wall. I could tell she was drunk.

"Who's the boy?" she asked softly.

"I told you mum, he's my friend," I answered turning back to making my sandwich. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my head and I fell to the ground. My mum stood over me with a wild look in her eyes. I had seen that look before. Actually I had seen it multiple times before. I tried to stand up but she kicked me. I screamed in pain. 

My mum screamed in rage as I stumbled to my feet. I grabbed at my side and started to make my way to the door but my mum hit me again. I moved faster, my mum stumbled after me but the alcohol was working in my favor because she couldn't move very fast. I grabbed my car keys and flew out the door. I got into my car and as I drove away I heard my mum yell,

"I never want to see you again!"

I sobbed as I drove out of town. I passed the high-school, I only had one place I could go. I speed along the road and finally came to Liam's neighborhood. I parked in front of his house and ran up to the door. I pulled out my phone. It was 11:32. There were no lights on in the house. I texted Liam telling him to come to his front door. A minute later I heard the door unlock and Liam opened the door.

He didn't have any cloths on besides his boxers. His hair was messy and he had bags under his eyes.

"Em whats wrong?" he whispered as I started to sob.

"It's my mum," I said. Liam looked around and grabbed my arm. He pulled me inside and led me to his room. He turned on the light and I sat down on his bed.

"Tell me what happened," Liam said as he gave me side hug. 

"She hit me and threw me to the ground," I said. I turned to Liam and he looked concerned.

"Is that why your head is bleeding?" I felt my forehead and sure enough it was bleeding. I guess I hadn't realized it until just now. Liam left the room and came back with a dampened cloth and a bandage. He dabbed the blood off of my forehead and stuck the bandage on. 

"Thank you," I sobbed.

"No problem," he said. "Do you want to stay here tonight?" He asked. I shock my head.

"My mum said that she never wants to see me again. I don't know where else to go," 

"Well you can stay here as long as you want. You can stay in my bed."

"But where will you sleep?" 

"I'll sleep on the couch, now lay down and try to sleep." 

I obeyed and I curled up into a little ball. Liam laid his blanket on top of me. Then he turned and left the room

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