Until I See You Again

Niall is visting his Dad who is now living in America because of the divorce. He did not know that this one visit would change the rest of his life. Is it true love? What challenges may come across him? What life changing decisions will he make? *Based on a true story.


3. Unexpected.

(Niall's POV)

The plane laded about 15 minutes ago and I'm already sitting in the taxi on my way to my see my dad. I'm excited to see him but at the same time I am sort of nervous. I have no idea what to expect.

I decide to shoot a group text out to the boys to let them know I'm alright:

Hey boys. Just landed and own me way to see the dad! Kind of nervous. Miss you all lots xx.

After about a 40 minute car ride I am finally in York, Pennsylvania. This place is such a small town. The boys and I only been here once but that's because we were just passing through. I can't believe my dad now lives here.

We pull into a nice neighborhood. The houses are fairly large. The taxi stops and I open the door to fetch my bags. That's when I see my dad running out the front door. He hugs me tightly.

"I missed you so much son! I'm so glad you're here!" My dad says happily.

"I missed you too! How have ya been?"

"Great! Even better now that you're here. We're gonna have a great time this summer." He replied, "Let's hurry up and get your bags inside, we're running a little late!"

"Late for what?" I asked confused.

"Late for work! Remember your cousin owned that small little restaurant? They need a little help down there because it's been getting busier and busier. I told them both me and you would be glad to help!"

I can't believe he volunteered me for this. At least it will keep me busy. "Oh yeah! What's that place called again...The Vault?"

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