Until I See You Again

Niall is visting his Dad who is now living in America because of the divorce. He did not know that this one visit would change the rest of his life. Is it true love? What challenges may come across him? What life changing decisions will he make? *Based on a true story.


1. Off To America.

(Niall's POV)

Only 1 more hour until I get off this uncomfortable plane. I am so impatient when it comes to long flights like these. I have no idea what to expect of this summer. I haven't seen my father in ages. It's crazy to think I am going to be away from home for a whole summer. I wonder if anyone is going to miss me.

I'm really going to miss the boys while I'm gone. Including my mum as well. She says it will be good to spend time with my father, but it seems as if he doesn't love me ever since he moved to America. Which is where I'm headed now. 

The boys and I always joke around about America. We say it is where all the hot girls are. I don't disagree on that one! I am just not ready for all the fans to be stalking my every move. Don't get me wrong, I love our fans to death. But I wouldn't mind just having a girl that's not crazy for me, one I can be myself around. One that loves me for me.


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