Until I See You Again

Niall is visting his Dad who is now living in America because of the divorce. He did not know that this one visit would change the rest of his life. Is it true love? What challenges may come across him? What life changing decisions will he make? *Based on a true story.


6. Is This Really Happening?

(Ally's POV)

My knees grew weak. No, this doesn't happen to a girl like me. I don't just simply walk into a restaurant that I have been going to my whole life and see Niall Horan sitting there on a bar stool. This is not happening. I must be dreaming.

I saw Niall whisper something to Dean as I walked in the door, I couldn't read his lips. Dean walks up to me smiling and points at Niall, "That's my cousin Niall over there. He's here for the summer and doesn't really have anyone to talk to..."

"Uh yeah, I know who Niall is! I had no idea you two were cousins?!" I interrupted.

"Yeah were cousins! But I didn't get to finish, He would like to get to know you!" Dean exclaimed.

"Me? Out of all people, me?" I asked confused.

"Yes you, silly. Now why don't you take a seat right over there with Niall and I'll talk to your parents, aunt, and brother awhile."

As I walked towards Niall I began to choke up. I had no idea what to say to him. I never really thought of meeting him before. And now it's happening. Niall jumps off the bar stool and quickly reaches out his hand. I grab it tenderly and shake it. His hands are soft, and very strong. I practically melted just by that one simple touch.

"I'm Niall, nice to meet you." He said as my hand slowly slipped away from his.

"Uh..I'm Ally. You don't know me, but I already know who you are! No need to introduce yourself." I laughed.

"Ally, that's a very pretty name! And I figured it was polite to introduce myself. I always want to treat a pretty lady right." Niall smiled.

Okay, that made me blush. As Niall and I started to talk about life I felt as if I could talk for hours. And I'm not always a talkative person. But there was just something about him, I couldn't get my finger around it though.

"So how long are you staying here for?" I asked.

"Just until the beggining of September, right before my birthday!"

"That seems so far away right now, but I'm sure it will go by really fast!" I replied.

"Yeah it probably will, plus I will be working here every evening."

"Really? That's cool. I come here a lot, with friends and family."

"Well I guess I am in luck!" He said as he looked me straight into the eyes. I felt a connection that I have never felt before. It's almost as if I could see right into his sweet soul. I never want this night to end.

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