Until I See You Again

Niall is visting his Dad who is now living in America because of the divorce. He did not know that this one visit would change the rest of his life. Is it true love? What challenges may come across him? What life changing decisions will he make? *Based on a true story.


8. Is Ryan right?

(Ally's POV)

I don't think I ever replayed a moment so many times in my life as I did on that car ride home! Niall is just so perfect, I'm speechless. My older brother Ryan, who is 21, would not shut up the whole car ride. He is worried that I am going to get hurt, and Ryan is very protective when it comes to boys. He says that he doubts me and Niall will work out because of him being famous and all. But I just told him Niall is different. Although in the back of my mind I'm still worried if my brother is right. Niall is going to leave at the end of the summer, what is going to happen then? I don't want this to be just a summer love. I want it to be more than that.

I ran up to my room as soon as I got home and plugged my iPhone into its charger. Then I skipped downstairs to get a little something to eat. Surprisingly I didn't eat much at The Vault, I was too busy talking to Niall! I popped a poptart into the toaster and searched for the remote to the television. 

Of course, when I turn on the tv One Direction is on, just when I was finally getting my mind off of Niall he appears again! It was the pepsi commercial and Niall look so adorable. Okay I need to stop, maybe a shower will help get my mind off of him. I practically ate the poptart in a couple bites, I was so hungry! I jumped in the shower. Making sure I was as clean as possible. Just then I remember Niall and I have exchanged numbers, what if had texted me?! 

I brushed my teeth as fast as I could and put on the comfiest pajamas I own. When I looked at my phone I had no texts. Are you serious? He probably doesn't even like me, I'm such a fool. Ryan is right. Niall is no good, I could only dream of being with him. 

I jumped into bed and just stared at the ceiling. Literally just stared. I didn't know what else to do. I was actually hurt. Maybe he is just waiting for me to text him? No it couldn't be. Guys ALWAYS text girls first, it's a rule. Everybody knows that!

Slowly I started to drift into sleep with my phone still in my hand. Just as I was almost asleep my phone buzzed. I forced my eyes opened. My phone was so bright! Even though I was practically half asleep I was able to make out what the text said, it was from Niall:

Hello love. It's Niall, just wanted to let you know I had a wonderful time tonight.  See you soon? xx

The words started to blur and my phone slipped out of my hand. I then drifted into a deep sleep with sweet dreams.

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