I Finally Found You

My name is Jennifer. People call me Jenny. My cousin, Naomi and I are really close, but something breaks that bond.. I cry about it all the time until I Finally Found him. READ PLEASE!!! This is a Zayn Malik fanfic.... ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!


2. Meeting Zayn

Jenny's POV

I had school today which made me happy!!!! I get to see my friend Emily!!!! She is so nice!!!! But then Naomi came up in my head. I started to cry while picking out my clothes. I was supposed to say no... When Johnny asked her that she slapped him and said, "Don't break up with Jenny until sparks aren't there!!!" I was so unthoughtful and said "It's your choice." I feel awful now.... When I go to school it wont be too easy.... At all.... After I picked out my clothes I was going into the shower until my phone was ringing. "Hello?" "Hey Jenny!!" "Oh hey Elie!!" "You think you can hook me and Naomi up?" "No, sorry we had a big argument, so no way that's happening. And may I ask why?" "I don't even wanna know about the argument... Naomi is sexy and she is everything a guy could want!!!" "I don't even know if she knows you..." "Yea that's why I wanted you to help, but you can't...." "Oh well!! Bye!!" "Bye?" How does he even have my number??? I jumped into the shower quickly because I was going to run late if I didn't hurry. After I got dressed and all that other shit I went outside to wait for the bus. While I was waiting someone bumped into me. "Sorry babe!!" "It's okay!!" Than I realized that Zayn Malik bumbed into me... "So I see your American, am I right?" "Yes..." "Well you seem pretty nice, so here is my phone number and please don't leak it, I trust you." "Umm... Thanks Zayn!!!" "No problem babes bye!!!"  "Bye!!!" That was so intersting... After that the bus came and I was ready for school....

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