I Finally Found You

My name is Jennifer. People call me Jenny. My cousin, Naomi and I are really close, but something breaks that bond.. I cry about it all the time until I Finally Found him. READ PLEASE!!! This is a Zayn Malik fanfic.... ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!


1. But I Didn't Do It

Jenny's POV 

I was home cleaning up a bit because it was really dusty here... My mom doesn't come home until midnight so I figured Naomi can come over... I was about to call her until I heard the door slam, "Mom?" "No it's Naomi." She sounded pissed.... "Oh hey boo!!!" "Don't boo me again you pathetic dipshit!!!" "Woah what the fuck?!?!?" "YOU ENCOURAGED KELVIN TO BREAK UP WITH ME!!!!!" "I did not..." "SHUT THE FUCK UP YES YOU DID!!! I HEARD YOU GUYS TOO!!!! I EVEN RECORDED IT JUST IN CASE!!!!!" "But I didn't do it..." "YES YOU DID AT FIRST I THOUGH IT WAS A JOKE BECAUSE I WAS AROUND, BUT NO IT REALLY HAPPENED BECAUSE OF YOU!!!" Before I could say anything else she said "I AM NEVER TALKING TO YOU AGAIN!!!! YOU BROKE UP MY ONE YEAR RELATIONSHIP!!! I HATE YOU!!!" She just slammed the door in my face... I did feel guilty though.. Only if you knew the story you would understand..... So here we go. *Flashback* "Hey Jenny!!" "Hey whats up Kelvin??" "Nothing much... I have to ask you something since your my closest friend..." "What is it??" "Should I break up with Naomi??" "It's your choice.." "Okay I'll do it tomorrow then.. Thank you!!"  *End of Flashback* I was supposed to say no.... She did the opposite of what I did when Johnny wanted to break up with me.. She had my back... But I didn't... I started to cry a lot.... I did do it..

Naomi's POV

How could Jennifer do sucha thing?!?!? I did the opposite when  her ex Johnny asked me the same thing.... I walked to the nearest Starbucks I saw... I don't even know if I'm near my flat.... I walked in and stood online for about 2 minutes. After I was done drinking my coffee I had to see if I was near my flat... I wasn't.. I was completly lost... Oh. My. Gosh!!!! I hate it when this happens!!!! I must have shown that I was upset because Harry Styles came up to me... I really didn't care how famous he was..... I love One Direction, but I always be myself. "Love are you okay???" "No.. I'm lost." "Where do you live??" "Something Matrix Complex??? I just moved her so... I don't really know.." "I know exactly where that is.. I live there!!" "Oh that's great!!!!! By the way I'm Naomi!!! Nice to meet you Harry!!" "Are you a fan??" "Yea a big one!!! But I dont freak out.." "That's great!! Thanks!!!" "Ya no prob.." "Shall we start walking??" "Yup!! We shall!!" We both chuckled!!! I found out that Harry was my next door neighbour!!! We gave each other our digits and texted for a long time... He took my mind off Jennifer and Kelvin which was good!!! I enjoyed this... A lot!!!

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