Hunger Games Song Parodies

This is the original Hunger Games Song Parodies, featuring all 3 books, the love triangle, Snow's reflection, commemorating the Fallen, all of these and more to your favorite songs! A must-read to anyone that loves Hunger Games and music! Sing along to these as you play the song! All of them are complete songs, (not just a few stanzas)


20. Master Of The House- Seneca the Master

A/N: Here is Seneca Crane's view on being Head Gamemaker during the 74th Hunger Games! (Obviously!) "Capitolian" is my word for things from the Capitol, (i.e. Capitolian people, Capitolian pink poodles!)

Disclaimer: Hunger Games and Seneca's Beard of Awesomeness belong to Suzanne Collins, and Master of the House belongs to the Les Miserables people!

Welcome Tributes! To the Capitol!
And meent the best Gamemaker of them all!
All of the others, they're moderate at best
Investing some mutts and testing tracker-jacker nests

Rarely, can you see
A unique thinker like me!
With thoughts that aren't for naught
Who just wants to be

Master of the Games, controlling every part
Killing off tributes with a stone-cold heart
Sets a little fire, starts a mini-war
Capitolians appreciate some blood and gore!

Glad to send in some Gifts
If they adds suspense to the Games
But that requires sponsors
No two are the same

Master of the Games, controller of the crew
Ready to kill off a tribute or two
Angling the cameras, raising up the bar
Setting Careers on one when they can't seen far

Everybody loves the Gamemakers
Everyone's a certain tributes fan
I'll push them willy-nilly
Really, they have got a short life-span

Master of the Games, the best of the best
I make the Hunger Games a complete success
Hero to District 1, sadist to District 12
Strategist, imaginer, and works hard as an elf
Everybody's Hunger Games Master
For everyone's reality show

Most of these kids will die
Why? Because of President Snow

Enter Tributes! Have some lamb stew!
And stay in this luxurious suite just for you
Most of you arenstarving, never getting enough food
But here, we strive to lighten your mood

Here, you come to train
Learn survival lessons
But sponsors, you won't attain,
'Till your individual sessions!

Cornucopia full of supplies, overloading beyond compare
From useless objects to delectable fare
Beef jerkey strips, a warm loaf of bread
Get as much to hold you over until you're dead

Fights are very appreciated
Love sagas are welcome much so
Has the standard rules
Plus some other obstacles, why no?

Tracker-jacker hives, jacket of knives
Fireballs making you run for your lives
Swords for used to slice, spears to impale
This year's Games will be a tragic love tale!

With these star-crossed lovers
The 74th will go down in history
All the little facts, strategies, tacts
And it's all because of me!

I used to dream I would dictate a nation
But now, they're calling for their liberation

Master of the Games, how dare he let both live?
This not-so-little incident has left me more than miffed!
Sentimental fool, persuaded by crowd
I'd rather have both lovers die by deathberries now!

What an idiotic stunt he pulled! Gave the rebels a new spark
I will get him for this, let my words be marked!

Master of the Games!

Master of breaking rules

Strategist, imaginer...

And sentimental fool!

Hero to District 1, sadist to District 12

Into a mutt-filled room, I wish he would delve!

May The Odds Be In Snow's Favor!
Long Live The Hunger Games!

Three fingers, all of you raise!

Crane! You better be counting your days!

ALL (sans Snow):
Three fingers, all of you raise, to the Master of the Games!
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