Hunger Games Song Parodies

This is the original Hunger Games Song Parodies, featuring all 3 books, the love triangle, Snow's reflection, commemorating the Fallen, all of these and more to your favorite songs! A must-read to anyone that loves Hunger Games and music! Sing along to these as you play the song! All of them are complete songs, (not just a few stanzas)


21. Hey Soul Sister- Finnick <3 Annie

A/N: The idea came to me when I heard this song on the radio! This is a love story about Finnick and Annie from Finnick's POV! 

Disclaimer: Hunger Games belongs to Suzanne Collins, and Hey Soul Sister belongs to Train!

Your torture screams, are the only thing that haunts my dreams
I knew I had to save you
So I helped blow up the forcefield

Your mad mindset
There is no other girl that I would want to get
I knew when you won your Games
You and I are one in the same

Hey, Annie Cresta! I want to be your mister, wherever you are, however you are
I found my girl, didn't have to look too far
Hey Annie Cresta, I want to be with you forever more, starting tonight

Victors of the Games, I'm so glad you have a District 4 mind like me
You gave me a reason to fight
And strength to use my might, against the Capitol

This can't be more stressed, my delight
 When I proposed and you replied with a yes
But I have to go to war, to lead the rebel side
And we're going to take Panem by a maelstrom 

Hey 70th Victress! Let's get out of this mess, any way, any day
Anything but you, I will pay
Hey 70th Victress, I want to stop all this fighting, tonight

The way I fought the mutts
WIth the skills of a Career Tribute, I needed
So noble, so chivalrous 
Now there can be no more us
You see, I have died, tragically
And have left you with our baby
I would give the world to be there, you and me

Hey Annie Cresta! Don't let the my death-sadness fester, don't blame anyone, no matter what
One day we'll be together and have some fun

Hey Annie Cresta! I will always miss yeh, for all of eternity
Hey Annie Cresta! Don't be like Clytemnestra, but have fun without me

Heeey, heeeey, heeeeey (tonight)
Heeey, heeeey, heeeeey (tonight)

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