Hunger Games Song Parodies

This is the original Hunger Games Song Parodies, featuring all 3 books, the love triangle, Snow's reflection, commemorating the Fallen, all of these and more to your favorite songs! A must-read to anyone that loves Hunger Games and music! Sing along to these as you play the song! All of them are complete songs, (not just a few stanzas)


4. Firework- The Uprising

Author's note: This is Mockingjay, 3rd person omniscient. WARNING! Huge Mockingjay spoilers.
Disclaimer: Hunger Games belongs to Suzanne Collins and Firework belongs to Katy Perry.

Katniss always feels
Like a pawn in a game
Getting played around
To gain lots of fame
She also wanted to
Return and visit 12
Or what remains of it
She took an emotional delve

She sometimes misses
Peeta and family
The only motivation
Is seeing Snow dead truly
She knows there is
A chance for that
'Cause there's a spark in her

She's just gotta ignite, the fight, and let the flame burn white
Let the Districts uproar, like the Revolutionary war

Cause Katniss is the Mockingjay
Showing all her worth today
Make Panem all, go-go-go
As they take down Snow-Snow-Snow

Katniss is the light in Panem's dark
She is really leaving her mark
Filming her in the propo-po-pos
Keeping the Capitol on its toes-toes-toes

Maybe the reason why Peeta gets hijacked
Is Katniss will leave 13, and never look back
As the Girl on Fire, Katniss will glow
And it's time, she knows,

She's just got to start, the spark
And let it embark
And leave its mark,
Light a flame in the dark

The Star Squad invade the Capitol
Lizards mutts took Finnick as a toll
Boggs gives Katniss the Holo-lo-lo
For reasons she doesn't know-know-know

Thay's what Gale's bombs do-oo-oo
The war is finally through-through-through
Snow is to be slewed-slewed-slewed

Katniss should celebrate
But she has Prim to commemorate
She kills Coin, not Snow-oh-oh
With her bow and arrow-oh-oh

Baby, Katniss is a mental mess
But Haymitch helps her cope and rest
The Fallen, she will never forget-get-get
Many years later, she is set-set-set

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Katniss and Peeta marry, not soon-soon-soon
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Oh, when to tell their kids the truth-truth-truth
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