Hunger Games Song Parodies

This is the original Hunger Games Song Parodies, featuring all 3 books, the love triangle, Snow's reflection, commemorating the Fallen, all of these and more to your favorite songs! A must-read to anyone that loves Hunger Games and music! Sing along to these as you play the song! All of them are complete songs, (not just a few stanzas)


12. Dynamite- The Beginning

A/N: This is Katniss's POV during the 74th Hunger Games, and part of the beginning of Catching Fire!

Disclaimer: Dynamite belongs to Taio Cruz and Hunger Games belongs to Suzanne Collins.

I came to win, win, win, win
To see Gale and Prim, Prim, Prim, Prim
This situation is grim, grim, grim, grim
And my chances are slim, slim, slim, slim

Yeah, yeah

But I'll fight on, and on and on
I'll fight on and on and on, yeah

I shoot my arrows in the air sometimes
Look at that bird I hit!
We just might win

I want to leave and win and live my life
My end might be near
Because of the Careers

Cause I shot an arrow
At the Gamemaker food
They'll burn the forest
Like it's firewood

Cause I'm the Girl On Fire
A star-crossed one
Peeta and I "like" each other
For the Capitol fun

Peeta's with me, me, me, me
We sleep in trees, trees, trees, trees
His leg bleeds, bleeds, bleeds, bleeds
That's why I'm going to the Feast, Feast Feast, Feast

Yeah, yeah

Cause we run on, and on, and on
To the water in a pond, pond, pond

I shoot tributes in the chest sometimes
"Marvel, what did you do?"
Why'd you kill Rue?

I blow up mountains of supplies sometimes
Ow, my ear!
With it, I can't hear

Cause we run from mutts
With Cato
But they tear him apart
Like he's made of dough

They told us once
Then they modified it again
Two can live
Then it was 1 again

We lasted all night
We thought we were winners
But we were proved wrong
We were almost mutt dinner

Who would die, -ie, -ie?
Peeta or I, I, I?
We decided both
We decided both
We'll put nightlock in our mouths
Nightlock in our mouths
Eat the nightlock in our mouths, mouths, mouths, mouths, mouths, mouths, mouths, mouths

We threw the berries down when the revised
That we could both leave
Intact (mostly) and alive
Little did I know that we sparked a flame
11 uprised
Nothing was the same

Cause we toured the districts
And gave some winnings away
Rue's parents deserved it

Snow told me once
To calm the spark
But I just couldn't
It had gone too far
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