Hunger Games Song Parodies

This is the original Hunger Games Song Parodies, featuring all 3 books, the love triangle, Snow's reflection, commemorating the Fallen, all of these and more to your favorite songs! A must-read to anyone that loves Hunger Games and music! Sing along to these as you play the song! All of them are complete songs, (not just a few stanzas)


14. Cemeteries of London- Hunting

A/N: This is not to famous of a song, but I like it anyway. This is about the Careers hunting tributes in the Games
Disclaimer: Cemeteries of London belongs to Coldplay, and Hunger Games belongs to Suzanne Collins.

At night, Careers go stalking for their next prey
The morning is for enjoying
Through the forest they go searching to kill tributes in their own way
While the Capitol is rejoicing

Singing la lalalala la le… 
As the Fallen's pictures, over the arena, play

So they tried to climb trees where some happen to stay
While others are in the open
They would play with their captured until their life would fade away
Their mentality is broken

Is broken.....

Singing la lalalala la le…
As the Fallen's pictures, over the arena, play

They use swords, and they uses their spears... all the dead get transported away
They get get confident and cocky...they can't get food for themselves
For, they die if they lose it
They lose it.....

Singing la lalalala la le… 
as the death cannon over Panem plays
Singing la lalalala la le… 
The Careers always want their prey

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