He Doesn't Remember

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  • Published: 13 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 4 Jan 2013
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This is the story about when I was bullied by Harry Styles in the 8th grade. My name is Lauren Dodds. Back then I wasn't the skinniest girl at school, I wasn't the prettiest or the popularist. I'll admit I was very insecure about my weight, and I was bullied for that all the time. Harry Styles is now the most loved teenage boy on the planet. Of course at school he was also amazingly popular, but also a bully. He bullied me all the time, and about everything. But one day when I was working at Target, guess who was there.


17. Tired Of Life

I woke up the next morning and went into the kitchen.

"Good morning Lauren!" My dad said.

"Morning dad." I reply plainly while making a bowl of cereal. I sit down at the bar and eat quietly.

"How was your date last night?" My moms asks.

"Date? What date?" My dad asks shocked.

"Oh I didn't tell you! Lauren and Harry are back together." My dads eyes narrow.

"I never liked that boy."

"Peter! That's her boyfriend you are talking about!"

"Okay then, well it was good. He took me to a really cool hibachi restaurant around here somewhere." I say while yawning.

"Oh um Lauren, we have some bad news." I look up at my dad and narrow my eyes. "Well our company is being relocated."

"What's the bad news?" I ask impatiently.

"Um, it's being relocated to Paris." My eyes widen. "Honey I know it's a big move but they want us to be there as soon as possible. So we are leaving next week. I know you're going off to America in the fall but our boss won't give us time off. We can't see you go off to university. I'm really sorry."

I close my eyes and try to digest all the things my dad just said. How can they just pick up everything and leave our home? I push my bowl away and put on my shoes and go out the door. What am I supposed to do? Just stay here for the rest of the summer and pack all my stuff and go off to America alone? How are they going to even get all our furniture there in a week? I find a nearby bench and sit down. I put my face in my hands and sigh. So many questions were flooding through my head. Ugh, my life is so dramatic. I can't take it anymore. First all that stuff with Harry, second Liam saying he likes me and now this. I just want to sit in a corner and cry all day.

~Sometimes I'm just fucking tired of life~

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