He Doesn't Remember

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  • Published: 13 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 4 Jan 2013
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This is the story about when I was bullied by Harry Styles in the 8th grade. My name is Lauren Dodds. Back then I wasn't the skinniest girl at school, I wasn't the prettiest or the popularist. I'll admit I was very insecure about my weight, and I was bullied for that all the time. Harry Styles is now the most loved teenage boy on the planet. Of course at school he was also amazingly popular, but also a bully. He bullied me all the time, and about everything. But one day when I was working at Target, guess who was there.


4. Stop

"Sure" I reply coolly and smile at him.  We walk out of the restaurant and the paparazzi were waiting for us. They started to take pictures and shout things like "HARRY!!! IS THIS YOUR GIRLFRIEND?! WHO IS SHE? ARE YOU TWO DATING?" and other stupid stuff. He grabs my hand and tries to pull me through the crowd. When we get into his car I say,

"How can you ever get used to that?"

"Haha. That's easy, I don't. It still freaks me out to see all the cameras flashing." Aww. He's so cute. Wait no he's not. Stick to the plan Lauren! I look at him and he's completely focused on the road.

"So what club are we going to go to?" I ask him

"This really cool place called Red Tail! You'll love it, they have the best music, best drinks, and best people." He says excitedly. Now I'm not the type to get super drunk after several shots. That's why my friends chose me as the designated drunk driver. Speaking of friends, my phone starts to ring. I look at the screen and see the stupid picture Melanie put of herself on my phone. I chuckle to myself and answer.

"Hey babe!" I say, and Harry's head shoots towards me. Does he think I'm talking to a guy? Haha..Oh wow.

"DON'T HEY BABE ME!! THERE ARE PICTURES OF YOU AND HARRY STYLES ALL OVER TWITTER!!" She screams at me. Harry heard the conversation and chuckled a little.

"Yeah, Harry and I are on a date. I gotta go I'll call you later, love you!" I hung up before she said anything else.

"Who was that?" Harry says laughing a little.

"Just my friend, haha." I say as we parked outside the club. He opens the car door for me and grabs my hand. What a gentleman. We walk hand in hand towards the front door. There was a huge line outside the club, and I whispered to Harry,

"How are we going to get in? We'll be out here forever."

"No worries, they know me here." He replies coolly. Oh.. Of course. We walk up to the man standing at the door. He sees Harry and nods at him and pulls the rope aside. When we walked in all I smelled was cigarettes, sex, and alcohol. Gross right? I see girls grinding on guys, people taking shots, and people making out in corners. The music was so loud I could feel the vibrations. Harry squeezes my hand a little, which snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Want to get a drink?" Harry asks. I nod at him, not trying to yell over the music.  "Two shots of raspberry vodka." The bartender nods at him and pours our shots.

"Cheers!" We both yell and clink our glasses together. I took the shot and suddenly felt amazing. Gosh that was so good! I want another one! Harry, reading my mind, orders two more! Whatever was in this made me crazy drunk. Probably because we had more than 20. Next thing I know Harry and I are dancing on the dance floor, being as drunk as possible. He grabs my face and starts kissing me. He pushes me up against the wall and sticks his tongue in  my mouth. I accept and start to play around with his tongue. All of a sudden he stops and says,

"That's it..I need you..Now." Damn he was serious. He grabbed my hand and took me out to his car and started to drive. Thank god there wasn't a lot of people on the road or we'd be dead. When he parks the car outside of his house he opens the car door for me and picks me up with his hand on my butt. I wrap my legs around his waist and start kissing him like crazy. He opens the door with one hand but doesn't stop kissing me. He takes me to his room and sets me down and lies on top of me, still kissing me.


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