He Doesn't Remember

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  • Published: 13 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 4 Jan 2013
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This is the story about when I was bullied by Harry Styles in the 8th grade. My name is Lauren Dodds. Back then I wasn't the skinniest girl at school, I wasn't the prettiest or the popularist. I'll admit I was very insecure about my weight, and I was bullied for that all the time. Harry Styles is now the most loved teenage boy on the planet. Of course at school he was also amazingly popular, but also a bully. He bullied me all the time, and about everything. But one day when I was working at Target, guess who was there.


15. *Mature Content* Irresistible

I wake up and look at Harry sleeping so peacefully. I kiss his adorable curls and he groans. "Good morning."

"Good morning love." Harry says while getting up. I can't help but notice that he wasn't wearing a shirt. I should be used to this but I'm not. I look at his toned abs and feel like I'm drooling. "Like what you see babe?"

"Oh umm," I say while looking at the ground. I could feel my cheeks burning. "Sorry."

"Haha you don't have to be sorry." He says and goes to the bathroom. I get up from the bed and I'm about to walk downstairs but hear the boys talking.

"So did any of you lads see where Harry went last night?" Louis asks.

"Yeah, he went into the room with Lauren I heard everything they said." Niall says. My eyes widen. Oh goodness did he really hear everything?

"What were they talking about?" Zayn asks.

"Well, he went in there and he was really drunk. He said 'Hey sexy.' and Lauren said 'Go back to your room and stop drinking'. Then Harry said 'But I want to sleep with you, I'm really lonely.' then Lauren says 'We aren't together anymore.'. Then he says 'But I still love you.' and she says 'You don't know what you're saying you're drunk'. Then he says he loves her so much and doesn't want to lose her, and then Laurens' mom calls. She supposedly asks where she is and she lies. Then, right after her mom calls Sam calls her to check up on her. Then after she hangs up on him Harry asks her if she really likes Sam. Lauren says 'I do but not as much as I liked you.'. Then Harry asks her to give them another chance and she says yes. So they're together now." Niall says.

"That's amazing! Harry has been so lonely lately. He really does love her." Louis says.

I walk downstairs and see them all sitting in the kitchen. "Yeah well they really do fit each-" Zayn looks up at me and smiles. 

"Good morning boys." I say and smile at them. They all say good morning back.

"So why did Harry sleep with you last night? I woke up and he wasn't in the room." Louis asks me.

"Oh please Louis, I heard you guys talking. And yes we are together." I laugh at them.

"That's good, we couldn't stand seeing Harry sad anymore. When he's sad we're all sad. There was so much negative energy in this house. Haha." Niall says and laughs his adorable laugh.

"Haha, well is there anything to eat? I'm starving" I say while leaning over the counter.

"Yeah I made toaster waffles.." Liam says. I laugh at him.

"Sounds good." I walk to their fridge and grab the syrup. I sit down and eat quietly listening to the boys meaningless talks. I turn my head towards the stairs and see Harry walking downstairs wearing nothing but boxers. He's so hot, oh my gosh!

"HARRY CONGRATS!!" Louis yells and tackles him to the ground. Then all of sudden the rest of the boys are on top of him in a huge dogpile. I start laughing so hard.

"STOP STOP HAHAHHA! MY STOMACH HURTS!!" I yell at them. They get up and start laughing at me. Harry and I finish eating breakfast and I decide to take a shower.

"Can I join you?" Harry asks while making a puppy dog face at me.

"Sure babe." I say and take off my clothes and wait for the water to get warm. I turn around and see Harry's eyes looking me up and down. He takes off his boxers also. Holy shit! He's huge!

"You're so beautiful Lauren. Inside and out." He says looking me straight in my eyes. I could see he was getting a boner.

"Alright hornypants don't get too excited now. We still aren't at that stage yet." I say while getting into the shower.

"And why is that?" Harry says while pushing me up against the cold tile wall in the shower. I could feel my heart beating faster.

"You know I'm not ready Harry, don't pressure me. Good things come to those who wait." Harry groans at my comment. I pull him closer and kiss him passionately. I could feel his boner against my thigh. His hands were all over me. The water was running on our faces. We exchanged tongues and Harry starts to kiss my neck. "Harry" I moan his name. He knows when he kisses my neck it makes me so horny. He doesn't stop kissing my neck though. He wants to play this game. I push him off of me and he slams into the wall. I get down on my knees and slowly grab his penis. I put my mouth on his penis and suck.

"Oh my god." Harry moaned. I suddenly stop and get up and wash my hair like nothing happened. "Are you kidding me?" Harry says. I chuckle at him.

"You started it! You know how horny I get when you kiss my neck." I exclaim.

"You just gave me the shortest blowjob ever! It felt so good then you just stop!" Harry says and laughs.

"I'm sorry babe. I love you." I laugh and kiss him.

We finish our shower and put on some clothes and watch some tv with the boys.

"Louis! I want to watch Jersey Shore!" Niall yells trying to take the remote away from Louis.

"No Niall! We are going to watch America's Next Top Model!" I laugh at Louis and Niall's conversation.

"How about we go on a walk?" Harry whispers to me. I nod at him and put on some shoes and we walk outside. It was silent until Harry starts to sing softly.

"Don't try to make me stay or ask if I'm okay I don't have the answer. Don't make me stay the night or ask if I'm alright I don't have the answer. Heartache doesn't last forever I'll say I'm fine.Midnight ain't no time for laughing when you say goodbye. It makes your lips so kissable and your kiss unmissable. Your fingertips so touchable. And your eyes irresistible." He looks at me and smiles.

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