He Doesn't Remember

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  • Published: 13 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 4 Jan 2013
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This is the story about when I was bullied by Harry Styles in the 8th grade. My name is Lauren Dodds. Back then I wasn't the skinniest girl at school, I wasn't the prettiest or the popularist. I'll admit I was very insecure about my weight, and I was bullied for that all the time. Harry Styles is now the most loved teenage boy on the planet. Of course at school he was also amazingly popular, but also a bully. He bullied me all the time, and about everything. But one day when I was working at Target, guess who was there.


13. Late Night Talks

Harry quickly gets up and looks at me. "Why are you here?" He points at me and glares. "Haven't you already done enough damage. And why is my nose bleeding?" He asks while touching his nose. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. I look down at the ground.

"You were at the bar and you got into a fight with Lauren's boyfriend." Liam says.

"He's not my boyfriend." I respond quickly. "We have a "thing" for each other but we aren't official." I say while looking straight at Harry.

"Well then why did he say that?" Niall asks me.

"I guess he was just trying to protect me. He was scared Harry would do something to me." I answer Niall.

"You were really drunk Harry, and you actually tried to pick a fight with-what's his name again Lauren?" Liam asks.


"Yeah, you tried to pick a fight with Sam. He's huge! He was like a bodybuilder." Liam continues.

"But anyways, Sam got kicked out and Lauren came back to help with your nose. She really seems like she knows what she's doing." Louis says.

"Yeah, I'm going to be Pre-Med in the fall." I say smiling a bit.

"That's amazing!" Zayn exclaims. Harry sits down on the couch with his head in his hands.

"I have the worst headache." Harry mumbles. I get up and walk to the kitchen. I grab a couple of Advils and a glass of water and take it to Harry. He looks up at me and smiles sympathetically. "Thank you love." I smile back at him and sit down.

"Well it's getting pretty late, I'm off to bed. Lauren you are more than welcome to stay the night." Louis says.

"I would love to. Thanks Louis." I thank him.

"No problem, you can sleep in my room. I'll sleep in Harry's room with him. I'll leave you a loose t-shirt and some sweats." Louis says while walking to his room. Niall and Liam grab Harry and take him to his room, leaving me and Zayn in the living room.

"Well I think it's time for me to go off to bed now." I say smiling at Zayn.

"Oh yeah, of course. If you need anything we're down the hall."

I walk upstairs and find Louis' room. I go into the bathroom and wash off all of my make up. I walk out the bathroom and shut the bedroom door. I take off my clothes then all of a sudden the door bursts open.

"Hey sexy." Harry says while drinking some whisky. I quickly grab the shirt Louis left me and try to cover myself. I wasn't fully naked, but still, it was awkward.

"Harry I think you should stop drinking and go to bed." I say and put on the shirt and sweats.

"But I wanted to sleep with you. I'm lonely without you." Harry slurred and made a puppy dog face.

"Harry we aren't together anymore." I say letting a few tears fall.

"I still love you." Harry confesses and sits on the side of the bed looking up at me.

"You're drunk, you don't know what you're saying right now."

"Oh but I do, Lauren I love you so so much. I don't want to lose you forever."

"Ring ring ring."

"Hello?" I ask.

"Lauren where are you? It's 3 in the morning!!" My mom yells.

"I'm spending the night at Mel's okay? I'll see you tomorrow love you!" I say to her and hang up.

"Ring ring ring"

"Ugh, hello?" I groan.

"Hello? Lauren I just wanted to check if you're okay." Sam says. My face lights up every time I hear his deep voice.

"Sam! How are you? I'm fine thanks for checking up on me!" I say happily. Harry groans and falls on the bed.

"I'm fine, I'm really sorry about what happened tonight. He was getting on my last nerve. So yeah, how do you even know him?" Sam asks.

"Well Harry and I were a "thing" before, but that's all over now." I say trying to whisper, but Harry obviously heard me because he chuckled a bit.

"Oh well it's pretty late we can talk about this another time. Bye babe."

"Bye!" I hang up on him. I sit down on the bed next to Harry.

"You really like him don't you?" Harry sighs.

"I do but not as much as I liked you." I say.

"Have you ever thought about giving us a chance?" Harry asks hopefully.

"I would be lying if I said I haven't." I smile at him, and he smiles back. He sits up and grabs both of my hands.

"Lauren Kay Dodds...Would you like to give us another chance?" He says smiling.

"Harold Edward Styles..I would love to." I lean in and kiss him. It was just like our first kiss. Except for the fact that he reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. Butterflies in my stomach, hearing angels singing, and not being able to stop smiling. We both pulled back and gave each other a big hug. "I've missed you." I whisper softly into his ear.

"I've missed you more than you can imagine." He whispers back. We go under the covers and cuddle until we both fall asleep. It was the most perfect night.

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