He Doesn't Remember

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  • Published: 13 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 4 Jan 2013
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This is the story about when I was bullied by Harry Styles in the 8th grade. My name is Lauren Dodds. Back then I wasn't the skinniest girl at school, I wasn't the prettiest or the popularist. I'll admit I was very insecure about my weight, and I was bullied for that all the time. Harry Styles is now the most loved teenage boy on the planet. Of course at school he was also amazingly popular, but also a bully. He bullied me all the time, and about everything. But one day when I was working at Target, guess who was there.


20. Before Things Get Bad

I push Liam off of me and gasp. I suddenly see a boy with black hair run out of the bushes. Oh goodness who was that? "Liam why did you do that?" He starts to pace around behind the trees. "Stop pacing and answer me!" I yell at him.

"I couldn't help myself. It kills me to see you with Harry! He doesn't deserve you!" He says while rubbing his temples.

"What do you mean he doesn't deserve me? If anything I don't deserve him." I say sadly.

"No. He doesn't deserve you because he harassed you in middle school! And now that you're all grown up and pretty he suddenly wants you and you fall for him." I look down at my feet. "And let me ask you something. Did he ever say sorry for bullying you back then?" Liam was right, he never did say sorry to me. I shake my head at him. "That's what I thought. Lauren I can treat you so much better! Please just think about it." He pleads.

"Liam I can't I'm with Harry. And even if he didn't say sorry I know he is sorry. I'm really sorry Liam. And you should be happy I'm not telling Harry." I say and walk away.

"Hey where did you guys go? I got worried." Harry hugs me and I see Liam look down at his feet.

"Liam saw some crazed fans so he took me behind the trees so that they wouldn't hurt me." I lie. I can't believe I can just lie to Harry's face.

"Thanks mate." Harry says and pats Liam on the shoulder. Liam looks up and fakes a smile and nods. I look over to the other boys and see everyone smiling except for Zayn. His eyes were big and he looked terribly guilty.


We got to their house and everyone was doing their own thing. I sat down and watched TV with Louis and Niall. Liam was in his room. Harry was in the shower. And Zayn was cooking us dinner. "Lauren can you please come and help me in here?" Zayn yells from the kitchen. I sit up and push open the swinging door into the kitchen. He asks me to keep an eye on the oven while he cooks the rest. "So how are you and Harry doing?"

"Good. I'm really happy we got back together." I look at him and smile.

"That's great. He was really upset after you guys broke it off." He says. He looks like he needs to get something off of his chest. Like something is really bothering him.

"Are you alright Zayn? It looks like you need to get something off of your chest." I say quietly.

Zayn's POV:

"Are you alright Zayn? It looks like you need to get something off of your chest." Lauren says quietly. Yes I do need to get something off of my chest. I SAW YOU AND LIAM FUCKING KISSING BEHIND A TREE TODAY! Is she really back to hurt Harry again? Hasn't the poor boy had enough? She should be so ashamed of herself. Is this another one of her 'plans' again? Is she trying to break up the band? Maybe it's because of the money? I don't know but I can't tell anyone yet, especially Harry. I have to investigate before I go all in. Before I confront the cheaters. Harry doesn't deserve this. Lauren was the first girl he actually settled down with and now this? LIAM! He's daddy direction! He shouldn't be cheating! He's the one who's always telling us to do the right thing and now look at him, he's completely doing the wrong thing.

"Yeah I'm fine I just haven't seen Perrie in a while and I really miss her." I say.

"Awh Zayn I'm sorry." She gives me a sad look. When in doubt always use the 'I miss my girlfriend' line. Not that I don't miss her, I do, but Lauren was getting suspicious. I have to get Liam's mind off of Lauren before things get bad. And things were about to get real ugly, real soon.



Happy New Years Eve everybody! Lots of tension between Liam and Lauren huh? Well hope you guys liked this chapter! I had finished writing it and it all got deleted. -_- Love you guys! xx A.M.98

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