Crime Chapter 1

Crime is every where. You can't get away from it. People are not made to pay the price. They get a slap on the hand and that is about all. That is why there is so much crime.


1. Crime Chapter One

Any time day or night. You will find crime. It has been going on from the beginning of time.

Until now. It will always be around.


Some crimes are worse then other's. But it is still a crime. What do you see?  Child abuse, stealing,

robbing,  rape, murder, drugs, You name it we have it.


What is being done about it? Not much of anything.  "Oh Yeah",  the law does it best. When it is good for them. But now most any crime . A person  gets away with it.  In the USA . You get a "slap" on the hand and that is about all.


That is why we have so much crime. People know if they have  the right lawyer.  They will get out of it.  This is not like other countries.  Where you are made to pay for what you do.


Child abuse to me is the worse.  Except for Murder and rape.  It makes me mad  to see  a grown man or woman abuse a child. If you do not want a child . Give it up or adopt it out. Someone wants a child. Will love it and give it what it needs.


Your not much of a woman if you spread your legs. Then abuse a child. Or kill it. A man you can get any time. Your child you can't.  Love that child.


All these men raping children.  Why any man wants to do that is beyond me.  Your taking their life from them. They do not even know  what is going on.


If your that hard up.  Go find a hooker. Someone who knows what they are doing.  A man who rapes  a  child.  Is not a man.  You are nothing but trash.


Same goes for a women who rapes a child. Children do not ask to be born. They should not have  to pay for your  being  " sick and stupid".


Anyone who is caught raping a child, should be in prison for the " rest of his/her life.  First the man should have his penis cut off and be made to eat it.  "Never allowed any where near a child again".

A woman should never be "allowed around another child" for as long as she lives. If you can prove they did this.  There is no excuse.


Anyone who let's them get by with this. Is no better then they are. Whether it be a "Lawyer or Judge". That could be your "child" they are raping.  How would you "feel" about that.


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