Dead Bill's Road

Dead Bill's Road


3. Dead Bill's Road Part 3

Candance and Rob seem to be destined together. They took a dare one night. A dare that they could never, ever chicken out of.


Rob made a slow turn to an old street. It seem exactly like the others had described it. Dark, ominous and a little dead.

"Well, we're there." Rob whispered softly. This was the place that the everyone thought 2 murders had taken place. "Lets show them that this is not the murder place." Rob and Candance snuck out, tightly wrapped around each other.

A few seconds passed, nothing happened.

"Well, you see. I was---" Rob was tackled to the ground. The sound of ripping flesh went into the ears of Candance. She screamed and ran, but only to be tackled too. A very large person was on her, holding a sharp sword. She knocked it out  the person's hand and struggled free. She pick up the sword and cut the person's head clean off. The person's arms continued to move. Another came out and began to feast on her leg. She was eaten alive.


The police were involed, but they came to wrong a conclusion. Rob's friends had killed them and hid them on Bill's Road. They were all sentence to death. But, a boy, had saw the whole incident across they way, not on Bill's Road. He could never foget it.

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