Dead Bill's Road

Dead Bill's Road


2. Dead Bill's Road Part 2

  Jimmy and Marie's car drove around the sharp corner, almost making it flip out. They drove down Bill's road to the great brick wall. Jimmy stopped the car.

"So, Marie. Did you like the movie?"

"It was a little scary."

"It's ok now, nothing will hurt you while I am he---"

There was a thump at the back other car, almost human.

"Huh? Hold on Marie, lemme see if it's Mark pulling our legs." And at that, Jimmy left the car.

It was pitch black, exept for the lights of the car. Jimmy got out his flash light and walked to the back. Nothing was there.

"Come on out Mark, I know your---"

A arm reached out of nowhere and grabbed Jimmy, he dropped the flash light. The arm sufficated him and dropped him to the ground. Many others came out of the darkness and began to feast on Jimmy's dead body.

Inside, Marie was doind her make-up using the rear-view mirror. She saw Jimmy drop the flash-light.

Marie shrugged this off and thought that he and Mark where tussling at the back.

A bloody hand smeared the side window closest to Marie. Marie let out a terrifing scream and brust out side the other door.

She ran around to the back only to see Jimmy's mangled carcass and serval feasting zombies around it. She tried to turn around and run but she was caught by a huge zombie. The zombie grasped her by the throat and choked her to death.


No one saw Jimmy and Marie again but everyone believed that they had gotten a quick marriage and drove all the way to Californa. But, them and their car, was pulled by long vines behind the great brick wall.

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