Waiting For The Sunrise

Anna lives with her two younger brothers Chase and Zack. Their parents died so Anna had to take charge if she wanted to stay with her brothers. If she didn't they would be seperated into different foster homes so the deal is not to get in trouble with the police. One day when Anna is getting food she realizes she has no money and cant buy food for her brother Zack who is currently very sick. She beeds to get food so she steals it but gets caught. What will happen to her brothers? Will anyone help? If you have any suggestions Kik me @ artchik
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4. Who are you?

-Harry's POV-
Ok so maybe I bribed Chase and Zack that if i gave them 50$ I could have a date alone with Anna.
They needed the money anyways...We sat down as We both grabbed a piece of greasy pizza that gaves both of us a smile. "Wanna see a movie?" Anna asks. Thats what I don't get, they have eveything yet they don't have money. I will have to ask her about that, and where her parents are. But I think i'm going to wait on that question. I nod my head at her question and we head over to the couch after we finished the box. I sat down on the black comfy sofa and watched Anna look for movies. She had a huge collection! "Yeah, I guess I do but might I add 'she' has a name" sh-Anna giggles. Wait? I said that outloud! Mental facepalm... "What your favorite movie?" i ask trying to kill the silence. She shrugs and answers, "I love all Disney movie-except snow white. Oh! i know! James Bond!" she says excitedly. "Lets watch that then" I chuckle at her excitement.
After the movie I see Anna laying on my shoulder asleep when my phone went off. Anna wakes up yawning while I answer the phone "We need to do another Interview, come down to Liams house and were all going to together." I hear an irish accent order me and hangs up. I sigh "Look I gotta go do an interview" I say standing up. She gives me a confused face and I hear Chase run down and shakes his head no, but I continue anyways. "You know cuz I'm Harry styles? Biggest boyband in world?" I say trying to jog her memory. Flashes of anger and saddness over come her face and she runs off into her room. "What just happened?" I question Chase. He sighs "She used to have a boyfriend who was never around because he was in a rising boyband who just went on tour and he turned into a real jerk..." He says i could tell he was remember bad things. "-So she hates anyone famous and refuses to get close to them." He continues while patting my back as if saying 'she hates you just leave already while you have your pride'.
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