Waiting For The Sunrise

Anna lives with her two younger brothers Chase and Zack. Their parents died so Anna had to take charge if she wanted to stay with her brothers. If she didn't they would be seperated into different foster homes so the deal is not to get in trouble with the police. One day when Anna is getting food she realizes she has no money and cant buy food for her brother Zack who is currently very sick. She beeds to get food so she steals it but gets caught. What will happen to her brothers? Will anyone help? If you have any suggestions Kik me @ artchik
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3. Pizza

-Anna POV-

As I reach te end of my drive way I look at my house in awe. I stand there for awhile when I realize I do have a guest. I open the door and decide to look for money around my room. At the end of my searching I found a lot more money then I thought. I collected $17.39! I wanted to make something special but I didn't have any ingrediants and I didn't want to go back to the market so I will do something I never usually do, order pizza. I walk into Zack's room to see Zack asleep and Chase sitting at the end of the bed day dreaming singing Dad's song. I smile and sit next to him, "Guess what?" I say in a whisper in caution so Zack doesnt wake up. "What?" "Were ordering pizza tonight" He faces me with a smile ear to ear, "not trying to be a buzz kill but why?" I turn to see Zack giving a curious grin on his little face. I laugh, "I found money in my room and my friend is coming over for dinner and i dint want to look conpletely poor so think of it as an early Christams present." I get up and look at the clock 'wow I've been gone awhile' I left around 6 and the time was 3:00. I go to my room and grab my guitar and poor my feelings into my lyrics. It feels like minutes but as I look up I see a certain bakery boy clapping. I blush viciously "What time-" "6:02" Harry interupts. "How did you get in?" "A little boy" he says shrugging. "Zack was out of his bed!" I shout and I run into his room. "Why did you leave your bed?" I say sweetly to Zack I knew he would tell the truth and have a good reason. "I was going to the bathroom and I heard a knock on the door" he says tiredly. I walk out of the room without a word just a simple nod.
"So umm" I turn to Harry "Is it ok if we just have pizza?" I ask. He smiles "Yeah sure!" "Chase did you order the pizza?" I ask as he opens his door to his room. "Yep!" He answer excitedly, he stops before he walks in his room "Anna?" "Yeah?" "Do you know who he is?" Chase asks pointing to Harry. "Well I wouldnt bring a stranger in!" I say laughing. "Right" He says nervously. What was that about? I hear the door and I head down stairs with Harry right behind. I open the door and see the pizza man "Oh just one sec my wallet is upstairs". As I search for my wallet and hear a door close and I stop looking and go down stairs. "Wheres the pizza guy? I never got to pay-" I stop as I see Harry with the pizza box and a frown on his face. "Something wrong?" "You lied" I was confused. " Huh?" "Don't you huh me!" he shouts. I start to get angry at him. "Don't you tell me what to do and don't you yell at me at my own house!" I shout back. I hate shoutin but what was his problem? "So you cant buy a piece of bread but you can buy pizza?" Oh...."I found money in my room" I say shyly. He looks at me blankly. "I should go.." "Please
Don't! Don't ruin it for my brothers please? They think it special having pizza and a guest. A lot of people don't give us a second glance." I say shrugging and pleading. He sighs but gives me a smile. "Now let me pay you back" I say reaching for my wallet in my pocket. "Oh no your not paying me back! Thats all your money!" I just realized he was right. I would have spent all my money on a stupid pizza box. "I will pay you adventually though" I say in defeat. "Boys! Pizza!" I hear a thump and two pairs of feet running down stairs. Zack stops though and looks at Harry then at chase and asks him in a whisper "Does she know-?" Chase shakes his head no and that was the end of their conversation. "So Anna" Chase begins "So Chase" I mimick him. "Zack and I decided we want you two have some alone time so we don't want the pizza thankyou!" and they rush back upstairs. My mouth dropped. They were so sweet yet so stupid! Why would they do that to me! It was really sweet that they did that but seriously? I thought Chase wanted the pizza. "Lets dig in then" Harry says interupting my thoughts. For some reason I feel Harry had something to do with it.
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