Waiting For The Sunrise

Anna lives with her two younger brothers Chase and Zack. Their parents died so Anna had to take charge if she wanted to stay with her brothers. If she didn't they would be seperated into different foster homes so the deal is not to get in trouble with the police. One day when Anna is getting food she realizes she has no money and cant buy food for her brother Zack who is currently very sick. She beeds to get food so she steals it but gets caught. What will happen to her brothers? Will anyone help? If you have any suggestions Kik me @ artchik
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2. Our Seperate Lives

-Harry POV-

I just started working at this bakery inside an unknown market. I was baking a lot of cupcakes and as i was squeezing some icing on the cupcakes hear our first customer, "How much?" she asks to my boss. I tried to stay hidden so hopefully she wouldnt fangirl over me. I could tell she was about my age but never got a look at her so I turn to look at her and I see the police man grabbin her from behind and her screaming, "-Just One piece!" I drop my icing tool and go to the situation.
"Whats going on here?" Now I look at her and i'm in awe. She was quite pretty. "She was steeling a loaf of bread" the policeman says. I look down as I see she is on the ground holding the bread tightly. I can tell she needs it, " Ill pay for it" I say and walk up to my boss and give him the money and walk back where she is still sitting on the ground. I hold out my hand and she grabs it and flashes me a smile of gratitude. I smile back. She sighs and asks " I wont be able to repay you" "thats ok" I shrug. "No its not now I feel like I will always need to repay you" I smile and say "how about dinner then?" she looks down "I cant in sorry I have to take care of my brothers" "I can help!" I offer, I really don't want this to be the last time. "I don't think you want to" she giggles. Wow thats hot. Total turn on. "Please!" I give my best puppy face. She laughs and shakes her head in defeat "Fine!" "Yes!" we both laugh. "That might not happen" We both turn to see the police man standing there "she attempted to steal unless your boss wont press charges you wont get to see eachother" "Please no! I cant be seperated by my brothers!" What? The police man smirks and looks at my boss "Sir?" "Eh I got money at the end just don't let it happen again" she nods so hard I thought she would become a permanent bobble head. "Well I better go my brothers need me" She says fixing her shirt. "i'm sorry I didn't catch your name" I say grinning "Thats because I didn't throw it" she says with a wink. "I'm Harry" I hold out my hand. I havent introduced myself in along time ever since I became famous everyone knew me. "Anna" she replies shaking my hand and with that she hands me a piece of paper with her house number on it and when Iook up she already left. That leaves us to our seperate lives.
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