Waiting For The Sunrise

Anna lives with her two younger brothers Chase and Zack. Their parents died so Anna had to take charge if she wanted to stay with her brothers. If she didn't they would be seperated into different foster homes so the deal is not to get in trouble with the police. One day when Anna is getting food she realizes she has no money and cant buy food for her brother Zack who is currently very sick. She beeds to get food so she steals it but gets caught. What will happen to her brothers? Will anyone help? If you have any suggestions Kik me @ artchik
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1. Just One Piece

-Anna POV- I wake up early in the morning from a loud cough and a few groans of pain. I get off of my bed and drearly walk across the hall to see my little four year old brother, Zack, sweating and throwing up blood into a can I gave him the night before. I see he's crying from the pain. When he finishes he looks up and I see in his blue despret eyes; pain and fear. He has been sick for a week and not getting better. I sit on his bed and we both automatically wrap our arms in a sweaty hug. I rub his back trying to hive him as much comfort as possible. Ever since Mom and Dad died from a terrible disease that I don't know anything about I have been trying to give as much comfort I can give all times. It was probably the hardest on my other brother Chase, who is fifteen, because he was very close with our Dad. I wish I could be Zack, at least he doesn't have to remember that horrible year my brother and I had to spend for my parents. I surprisingly handled their death well, not that I didn't love them of course. I loved them and still do, but they didn't give enough time with me it was always the youngest they gave the most love to. I was just another mouth to feed.

I lay Zack down back on the pillow when I notice he fell asleep. I hum the song my Dad sang when he was dying. I realize I won't be able to go back to sleep so I get dressed. You might think because I don't have parents I'm poor. Well that's technically true. Well, we have a huge house and plenty of clothes just not too much money. I'm glad we could keep the house and everything in it. All I needed to do is get a job and pay for food and the monthly bills right? Not quite.. I got fired from my job two weeks ago so I've been doing little things like do chores for the elderly. Chase has also been a huge help. He does little things also like carrying furniture for people who are moving into this town, he's really strong. Once Zack made a lemonade stand and made a lot of money, but ever since he got sick he can't and Chase and I can't do a childish thing, I believe people only by the lemonade because of the kids. Also I just don't have the patience, at the end I would be yelling at all the cars that past.

I look for what I want to wear and I pick out black skinny jeans and a big sweater and a pair of white dirty converse. I brush my brown shiny hair with a smile on my face. I remember my dad with his brown hair that matched mine. The shine my hair has is natural, I got it from my mom even though she had blonde hair, which is what both my brothers have. I let my hair down and grab my wallet from my desk. I walk into a dark blue room where Chase sleeps. I walk over and see him frowning and have new wet tears falling from his eyes as he sleeps. He doesn't talk much, which I missed because he always had the funniest stories he would tell at the dinner table and now he just stays silent. He's not mute, just quiet. I shake him up and he grunts, but sits up rubbing his eyes and wiping the tears off his cheeks.

I give him a smile, "I'm going to the market for some bread, I won't be long, but remember to check on Zack often," I say.

He nods, "Yeah, OK." As I walk out the door I grab my jacket and start to head off to the market in the cold air. It won't be cold forever though, were supposed to have one of the hottest summer in a long time so I try to get as much cold air and enjoy it. As I walk into the market very few people are inside, as I predicted.

"Is your brother feeling better?" I spin around to see my best friend Carson.

I smile at her as I say,"No, but I have lots of hope!" Carson gives me a smile but in her eyes something I hate, Pity.

"That's the best thing about you Anna, you always have hope." With that, I walk off in the direction for bread. I walk up to the baker and ask how much. "Five dollars, miss," his voice matches his look. Old and tired. I look in my wallet and see nothing. I don't have any money. Nothing. I start to panick, my brothers need food particularly Zack because he's sick. For a moment he turns around and I grab the loaf of bread and run as fast as I can. I feel a grab and I am stopped by a police man that apparently was standing right next to me, good job Anna. "Please!" I beg, "My brother is sick and needs food I don't have any money! Just one Piece!"

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