Gotta be you


2. chapter 2

*Harry's POV*

I took Sammi to her house so she could get changed into her bathing suite, man that girl was fit.

"Harry, I can swim." she said.

"I will teach you." I said.

"Im allergic to fish." she said.

"I wont let them touch you." I said.

"I have homework." she said.

"Liam will do it for you." I said.

"Im insecure." she said.

"Dont be." I said.

"Harry...I cant swim...I just cant..." she said, what is she hiding?

" can...I believe in you." I said, she pulled me aside and lifted up her shirt...woa what happened?!

"What happened?!" I asked as I traced the scar with my finger.

"My ex boyfriend..." she whispered.

"Why?" I asked.

"I dont know, but one night he came to my house when my grandparents were sleeping then he cut me." she mumbled as tears escaped her eyes.

"He cant touch you anymore...but can you please go swimming?" I begged.

"Fine." she said with a sigh, as she walked in her house as she covered her stomach up.


Sammi's POV

Harry is the only one who I told about my be honest he was the only one I could trust without putting him in danger. I made my way up to my room and put my black two piece bathing suite on, then I put my over sized t-shirt on over top...with that I walked down stairs.

"Sweety where are you going?" my grandma asked.

"To the beach..." I replied as I walked out the door with my flip flops in my hand...when I saw Harry, I saw some guy fighting with him....not just any guy it was the guy who cut me...Danny.

"Danny stay away from him!" I yelled as I ran an tackled him to the ground pinning him down.

"Why should I?" he asked.

"Cause I said so." I demanded.

"Well I once saud that you had to have sex with me, but you why should I?" he asked, I started throwing punches left and right as Harry called the police, which arrived in under 5 minutes...then I heard a scream...not just any scream, but my grandma and grandpa's scream.

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