Lena Bradley (16) and her brother move to the UK to meet for the first time Lena's adoptive parents the Tomlinson's. Yes as in Louis Tomlinson's from One Direction parents. Lena gets to experiences the fame of having a brother in a famous boy band and also the lows of it. Lena has to adapt to living in a new country, living with a new family, and living her new life. Lena falls for one of the boys form the band and he may also be falling of her too.


7. The Night Starts Now


“What do you mean let the fun begin?” I asked Zayn.

He smiled and said, “We are going clubbing.” Before I had time to talk Louis grabbed me and Lottie’s hand and pulled us up the stairs.

“Get ready we are leaving in an hour.” Louis said.

“But Louis, I am 16, there’s no way I would be able to get in? And same with Lottie.” I said. What the hell is he thinking?

“Sis we got you a fake ID and you can definitely pass as 18. Lenny, don’t worry, you will be fine, we are going to show you how to the Brits party, and that is hard. And Lottie isn’t even coming. ” Louis said patting my shoulder.

“Yeah, and I’m going over to my boyfriend’s house to hang out.” Lottie said smiling.

“Um okay.” I said. Lottie took my hand and ran up the stairs. Lottie dropped me off at my room and she went into hers and started to get ready for going over to her boyfriends. I walk into my giant closet having no idea what to wear. I looked for a good 20 minutes, I had no clue at all still what I should wear clubbing, I have never been to a night club.

I went out and sat down on my bed and flipped open my Mac and went to Google images and typed in ‘clubbing outfits’. I didn’t get much except for slutty girls in short super short skirts. I give up, I thought to myself. I decided to straighten my hair and put my makeup on and I would decide what to wear at the last minute.

After I was done with everything I had 15 minutes until we left and I still don’t know what to wear. Then an idea popped into my head. I crept down the hallway and knocked on Lottie’s bedroom door. I opened it and Lottie quickly pulled her covers over herself and shut her laptop. “Chill out Lottie, it is just me.” I said.

“God Lena! You scared me! I thought you were my mum or dad.” She said throwing off her covers and opening her Mac back up. She was wearing I tight black skirt with a lace white tank and a denim jacket. It was super cute.

“Lottie I need your help, I have no clue what to wear clubbing.” I said sitting down on her bed. Lottie shut her laptop once again and got off of her bed and took my arm and pulled me down the long, dark hallway.

“How much time do we have?” She whispered.

“Like 15 minutes.” I said.

“It will be tricky but you came to the right person.” She said rummaging through my closet once we got into my room. “Lena stay out of the closet, I need quiet. I will get three outfits I think will work best. Okay?”

“Okay.” I nodded and she closed the closet door and I lay down on my bed. A few minutes later Lottie came out with different outfit choices.

She first picked up a neon tank top and a tight black skirt with neon pink heels, then a blue dress and silver combat boots, and finally a violet tube dress with short ankle studded boots. I really liked the neon yellow outfit but the violet dress seemed better for clubbing, I could always wear the neon outfit another time.

“That one!” I pointed to the violet tube dress. Lottie hands me the dress and she leaves the room. I put the dress on, all 7 of my studded fake diamond earrings (2 cartilage, singles, doubles, and 1 triple) and I put on and the studded ankle boots. I fall at first but then I do a practice lap around my room. I look in the mirror, this does not look like me at fall, I thought.

I walked back quietly into Lottie’s room and she smiled, “Looking hot sister!” She said getting off her laptop and hugging me.

“Thank you so much Lottie.” I said.

“No problem, now go out there. The boys are waiting for you.” She says. Those butterflies suddenly came back to my stomach. I am not really confident in front of guys. “Okay.” I said and walked back to my room grabbed my purse and slowly walked to the staircase and smoothed my hair down and then stepped onto the first stair.

All five of their mouths dropped. Niall whistled, Liam clapped, and Zayn winked and Harry just stared at me. “Don’t wink at my sister!” Louis said pushing Zayn jokingly. “Len are you sure you want to wear that?” Louis said like a protective brother.

“Louis I am almost 17 I can wear what I want.” I said. We have only known each other for not even a day and we were already fighting like siblings.

“Whatever.” Louis said.

“So aren’t they going to notice you at the club and won’t you get mobbed by fans and the paps?” I asked. Every time I looked into one of my best friends Jordyn’s magazines it always showed one direction being chased by the paps.

“That is why we have these.” Liam said taking a wig and putting it on Niall’s head along with a pair of shades. Niall smiled a goofy smile making me laugh.

“Should I wear one to?” I asked.

“No, you don’t need to because no one knows who you are yet.” Louis said.


“We will take Harry’s car so mum doesn’t know we left if she checks in the garage and if she sees that Harry’s car is gone she will just assume he went home.” Louis said.

“Louis you an adult, why does it matter what mum knows what you do and what you don’t?” I ask.

“Cause Lena mum would probably kill me if I brought my 16 year old sister to an over 18 club, duh.” Louis said acting all sassy.

“I guess so.” I said.

“Guys lets go now!” Niall said anxious to get there. We all walked out to Harry’s nice, jet black Range Rover. I sat in shot gun and Harry got into the drivers set while the boys in the back put on their disguises. Harry looked over at me and winked, flashed a cheeky grin, revved up the engine, reversed out of the driveway and we were off. 

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