Lena Bradley (16) and her brother move to the UK to meet for the first time Lena's adoptive parents the Tomlinson's. Yes as in Louis Tomlinson's from One Direction parents. Lena gets to experiences the fame of having a brother in a famous boy band and also the lows of it. Lena has to adapt to living in a new country, living with a new family, and living her new life. Lena falls for one of the boys form the band and he may also be falling of her too.


5. Ride


After dinner all of us teens decided to go four wheeling on the Tomlinson’s 25 acres of land. Eleanor Calder, Louis’s girlfriend showed up after dinner to meet me and Keenan.

“Hi, I am Eleanor.” She said smiling and giving me a big hug. “You must be Lena, it is so nice to meet you!” I smiled and introduced myself. She seemed so nice and so laid back. I always saw her on magazines and she looked so glamorous, here right now she just looked like a normal girl. I could tell we were going to be close friends.

We went to the Tomlinson’s big garage with fancy cars and ATV’s in it along with other lawn items. Everyone automatically hopped on to be where they must sit every time they go riding leaving me and Keenan standing there like idiots. Louis was with El on a white ATV, Niall was on a neon yellow one, Liam on a shock green, Harry one a cherry red, and Zayn on a jet black colored ATV.

“Come on Len.” Harry said patting the back seat. I awkwardly walked over and got onto the backseat of the cherry red four wheeler. Keenan went over and got onto then one with Zayn. I use to ride all the time when I was little living in Wisconsin. I kind of wanted to drive but I could always drive them now that I am living here.        

I looked and saw Harry’s curls in front of my face; they were beautiful and looked so healthy. Lena! Stop! What are you thinking?

“Just out of curiosity,” I said. “Shouldn’t we be wearing helmets or something?”

He turned around and grinned, “As long as your mother doesn’t see us.” He winked and turned back around. Every ATV lined up and everyone started to go but Harry didn’t.

“I like to go last,” Harry said. “So I’m not stuck in the middle any of them and I can go my pace.” I smiled at him knowing exactly what he meant. Out of now where he revved the engine which made me gasp.

He chuckled and said, “You know you would probably be safer if you held on to me…” I was reluctant at first but then I slowly wrapped my arms around his muscular body and off we went.

The English forest was beautiful as we drove through the Tomlinson’s land. The ride was silent but I didn’t mind, it was peaceful. It reminded me of home. The sun was setting and it was almost dark.

Out of nowhere there was a gush of wind coming out of the tire and Harry stopped the ATV.  “Shit!” he said as he got off the ATV and looked at the tire. “The tire popped, it must have been because of that.” Harry pointed to a broken beer glass.

“Do you have your cell phone?” I asked Harry. He looked down at the ground and murmured, “No, it is charging at the house…”

“I don’t have a cell phone. How are we going to call Louis to come get us?” I said crouched down on the ground. “I just got here, I have no clue how to get back and it is almost dark. And everyone is already way ahead of us.” I ask Harry.

Calmly Harry said, “Well Lena, it looks like we might be here for a while, so tell me about you.” He patted the back of the four wheelers seat. I sighed and walked over and sat down.

Harry pulled out a flash flight. It was dark, very dark now. I was never really scared of the dark as a child. My foster parents never let me have a nightlight so I guess I just got use to the dark.

“Well what do you really want to know?” I said.

“Well what is your favorite color, animal, food, sport, I guess just stuff like that?” Harry questioned. Why would he want to know stupid stuff like that?

“Umm, purple, dolphin, shrimp, softball.”  I said. He smiled.

“Okay so what was it like before all of this?” Harry said as his hands circled around the place. I didn’t really know what to say, there has been so much before all of this happened.

“Well to start off, it was Keenan, my mom, dad, and my two chocolate labs and I. We lived out in the country kind of in an average size town in Wisconsin. We us to ride ATV’s just like this. You could almost call it the perfect family. We played Uno every Tuesday night; I would bake cookies with my mother, walk my dogs with my father as we would sing our favorite songs, and me and Keenan would play hide and go seek all the time.” I stopped and realized I was blabbing on for the longest time. But I looked at Harry and he still looked interested so I continued.

 “And when my parents were killed in the car crash,” I chocked on the word killed; gosh I hated talking about this. “I just didn’t feel happy anymore. I became goth in 7th grade, dyed my hair black and pierced almost every part of ear so all you could see was my fake diamond studs, and all I wore was black. I started to cut my wrist, I just didn’t know what to do.”

Harry looked me in the eyes, he was actually listening. I have never opened up to someone this much before. “Do you cut anymore?” Harry said.

“Only once in a while…” I said. Harry shook his head. I shivered.

“Here” He said offering me his jacket. I refused put he finally convinced me and draped it over my back.

“Thank you.” I said.

“You know Lena,” Harry said looking into my eyes. “I am kind of bad when it comes to advice but thank you for trusting me, you can always talk to me if you need anything. And for the record, you are one of the bravest girls I have ever met.”

“You can tell that from the two hours I have known you?” I asked.

“After that story…yes.”

He started moving towards my face. “Well it’s not very easy to pretend you are not afraid sometimes…” I whispered. Our noses were touching, almost there. Then I saw headlights and heard someone yell our name. 

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