Lena Bradley (16) and her brother move to the UK to meet for the first time Lena's adoptive parents the Tomlinson's. Yes as in Louis Tomlinson's from One Direction parents. Lena gets to experiences the fame of having a brother in a famous boy band and also the lows of it. Lena has to adapt to living in a new country, living with a new family, and living her new life. Lena falls for one of the boys form the band and he may also be falling of her too.


1. Meeting the Tomlinson's


I stepped into the airport lobby to find my biological family smiling at me and my adoptive brother Keenan with balloons and flowers. This is all so strange. This is my family, I mean my real family...the Tomlinson's, as in Louis Tomlinson from the famous boy band One Direction. I was never obsessed but I sure know girls at my school are in love with all of them, I like their music. 

I looked into my real mother Johannah Tomlinson eyes; they were a beautiful gray color. Tears started streaming down her cheeks. That's when I knew it was okay to drop my luggage and run into her arms. She embraced me and stroked my hair and cried. I cried into her white sweater that made her skin look extremely tan, almost glowing. I defiantly got my tan completion from her. I can't believe I missed out on my real mother for all this time.

Here’s the story, when I was two I was stolen from my biological parents aka the Tomlinson's by an illegal British Adoption Agency. Sounds crazy right? They flew me to America and sold me to my adoptive parents Michael and Annie Bradley. My parents named me Lena Shay Bradley. They knew nothing about me being stolen from my birth parents, all they knew is that this “adoption agency” had a baby for them. About four years later they adopted another baby from the same agency. He became my brother, Keenan Bradley. We were all one happy family who lived in the countryside of Wisconsin until one night...

I was seven years old and Keenan was three, we were being babysat because my parents were out for dinner. My favorite babysitter/close family friend, Jessica was over and we were playing Twister when the phone rang. Jessica got up and answered it in the kitchen. After a minute I heard a loud sob and I saw Jessica crash to the floor, tears streamed down her face. Jessica brushed them away when she saw me and my brother watching her and she sat us down on the couch. She told us in the calmest way possible the Mommy and Daddy had been hit by a car. I thought nothing of it, just an car accident and that they were okay. My seven year old brain didn't process the fact they were dead. 

I asked if they were going to be okay and Jessica said that they were dead. That is when it kicked in and I screamed and started to bawl. The drunk driver had been driving down the interstate in wrong direction crashing into my mom and dad at over 90 miles per hour. They were killed instantly.

Keenan and I were sent to live with my mother’s sister for two years but soon she couldn't afford to raise us along with her five other children so she put me and my brother in foster care. Fortunately Keenan and I were never separated but we went through a total of 19 faster parents until now. Meanwhile the Tomlinson's were trying everything to track down the company that took us and 4 months ago they did. The company that took me and Keenan were sued and thrown in prison. They took me back to live with them even though I have been out of their lives for so long. They tried so hard to find me and they finally did. They decided to adopt my adoptive brother Keenan to because his biological parents are dead and we refuse to part.

I let go of my mother and smiled. I looked around and saw Keenan hugging my now new farther, Mark Tomlinson. I hugged my father and along with my new sisters, Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy, and Phoebe.  I got to Louis, the boy I have seen so many times on my friend’s bedroom walls and magazines. He looked exactly like he did in the pictures, same sea blue eyes with a hint blue. 

He out of nowhere threw his arms around me and pulled me in for the biggest hug I had ever experienced. I hugged him back; I had always wanted a big brother. We finally parted.

"You don't know how long we have been waiting for you." Louis said making circle motions with his hand signing that he meant the whole family. Keenan came over to me and I put an arm around him. 

"You guys don't know how long we have been waiting to have a family again." I said squeezing Keenan's shoulder. He had the biggest grin on his face. I ruffled his blonde hair.

Johannah came up to me and put her arm around me and said, "Let’s go home." 

"Finally!" I said. Everyone laughed and we all walked out of the airport. 


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