Lena Bradley (16) and her brother move to the UK to meet for the first time Lena's adoptive parents the Tomlinson's. Yes as in Louis Tomlinson's from One Direction parents. Lena gets to experiences the fame of having a brother in a famous boy band and also the lows of it. Lena has to adapt to living in a new country, living with a new family, and living her new life. Lena falls for one of the boys form the band and he may also be falling of her too.


6. Apples to Apples


“Harry! Lena!” I heard Louis calling as Harry and my face were an inch away from each other.

“Shit.” I whisper and quickly pull away and quickly shifted back to where we were sitting before.

“Guys what the heck? I tried calling you like twenty times Harry. What happened?” Louis said shining the flashlight in our eyes.

“Lou, my cell phone is charging in your room and a tire popped and apparently Lena doesn’t have a cell phone.” Harry said shielding his eyes from Louis flashlight.

“Lena, are you alright?” Mr. Tomlinson (Mark) said getting off one of the ATV’s. Zayn showed up too.

“Yeah, I am fine.” He hugged me.

“Zayn, take Lena back to the house, Louis and Harry help me hook the ATV up so we can take it to the garage.” The boys did what he said and I walked over to the ATV Zayn was on.

“Hey are you okay?” Zayn said. I nodded and hopped on the four wheeler and wrapped my arms around him and we were off to the house. I quickly turned back around and saw Harry give me a cheeky wink and I turned forward and grinned into Zany’s back. Zayn laughed and said, “What is it?”

The wind was blowing and I said, “I don’t know, I am just happy.”

We pulled into the gravel driveway in the backyard and we got off the ATV and headed inside. We walked in and everyone was crowded around the TV. “Hey glad to see your alive sis.” Fizzy said.

“Tire pop.” Zayn explained. Everyone went ‘oh’ now understanding. I went over and sat in the empty spot next to Eleanor and Phoebe.

“Okay guys so how about a friendly family game of Apples to Apples?” Johannah said. All of the younger girls, Eleanor, and Keenan hands shot into the air. Zayn and Liam looked at each other and shrugged and put their hand up. Niall raised his hand excitedly.

We all gathered around the coffee table in the family room and Johannah dealt out the cards. “So how do you play this?” I ask.

Everyone looked at me shocked. “You have never played before?” Daisy said. I shook my head.

“We will teach you.” Fizzy said, “So we all get seven red cards that have a noun on them and then a player places a green card with an adjective in the middle and everyone takes one of their red cards which they thinks would be best. Example: green card-Cold, red card-North Pole.”

 “And the person who puts the green card down collects all of the players red card they thought would work best and they choose which one they think is best. And who ever laid the red card down that wins gets to keep the green card. At the end the person with the most green cards win.” Continued Jay.

“Got it.” I said.

“Okay, so the green card is ‘old’.” Niall said slapping the green card down on the table. Everyone looked in their deck and put a card down. I decided to put down mud because I had no better card.

Niall collected all the cards and he read them off, “China, mud, Michael Jackson, the sun, movies, football, Jenifer Lopez, spaghetti, Harry Potter, gym class, and what…Barney? Um okay I’m going to have to choose the sun, it’s been around for forever.”

“Yes!” Keenan said fist pumping. Niall handed him the green card and then Liam laid down a green card. We played for two more rounds until Mark, Louis, and Harry came back.

“Hey! We fixed the tire!” Louis screamed. He ran over to us and gasped, “You are playing apples to apples without me?”

“Babe you can take my spot, I have to go, got school tomorrow.” Eleanor said hopping up and grabbing her purse and hugging Jay.

“But it is summer!” Lottie complained.

“Summer school.” She said with a sigh. “Bye guys, it was nice to meet you Lena and Keenan.”

“You too.” I say. She smiled and gave Louis a kiss and walked out to her car.

The game continued and Harry and Mark joined in. We played until Fizzy won with a grand total of seven. “Keenan, Fizzy, Daisy, and Phoebe time for bed.” They all groaned but didn’t argue. Everyone said goodnight and they went upstairs to their room.

“Hey your mother and I are going to bed, Lena and Lottie don’t stay up to late, Boys if you are staying overnight you know where the guest rooms are.” Mark said.

“Night love you all.” Jay said giving Lottie, Louis, the boys, and I a kiss on the forehead. Mark and Jay walked up the stairs and we heard the bedroom door close.

“Now let the fun begin.” Zayn say with a grin.

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