Truly, Madly, Deeply

Chase's father passed in a mysterious fire 5 years ago, so that meant her mother was alone. She doesn't get along well with her mother, but she's very close with her 9 year old brother Danny. Chase's mom got a new job, so that meant she was very busy and it was just Chase and Danny. Chase hires a babysitter for Danny so she can go out with her boyfriend, Benny. Danny loves his new babysitter, and soon Chase and Danny grow a tight relationship with the babysitter. When something goes wrong in Chase and Benny's relationship, will the babysitter be there to lend a shoulder for Chase? Read & find out :)


3. Chapter 3

 ~Chase's POV~

   I woke up to the sound of snoring. I looked around at my surroundings and saw Danny and Liam passed out on the lounge floor. Man, I never realized how loud Danny snores until now. I grabbed my phone off the table next to the couch. 3 new messages, I opened them to see 1 from my mom and 2 from Benny.


 Mom: Sorry honey, I have to work a day and night shift. Take care of Danny, I love you.x

 Benny: Good morning beautiful.x How does a lunch date sound today? I'm off of work. xxx

 Benny: Be ready at 11:30, I'll pick you up. Love you princess. <3 xx 


 I smiled and looked at the time on my phone. 10:30, crap! I struggled getting the blanket off me and ran up the stairs to my room earning a couple of klutzy falls up the stairs. I entered my room and made a 'B' line to the bathroom and got in the shower. After my hot shower, and got dressed in a black jumper and grey skinny jeans. I blow dried my hair and left my natural curls the way they were. I put on my infinity ring Benny got me previous nights ago, and grabbed my black vans. 

 I walked downstairs and Danny and Liam were still passed out on the floor, so I left them a note. 

      Dear Danny and Liam,

              I'm going on a lunch date with Benny, I'll probably be back around 1:00. If you don't mind Liam, could you watch Danny for an hour and a half? I'll pay extra. Call me if you need anything. Lots of love,

                                    Chase. xx

 I looked at the time, and it was still 11:28. I sat on the couch and waited for Benny to get here while scrolling through Instagram. I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it, it was Benny. 

 "Hello gorgeous," He said then kissed my nose.

 I grabbed my purse and phone and walked out. He opened my door for me and once I climbed in, he walked to his side.

 "I was thinking we could go to that new place on the board walk. Is that fine?" He asked. 

 "Perfect," I responded.  He smiled and he backed out of my driveway and began driving. He popped in his Taylor Swift CD (he has a weird obsession with her). When we got there, we ate lunch, and it was super good! I've never been there before, but now I know where I'll be going for now on. After we finished lunch, we walked on the board walk and talked.

 "So who is that guy you and Danny were with yesterday?" He asked. 

 "Ohh, Danny's babysitter. He's a really nice guy, his name is Liam and he's 19. You should get to know him, he's lovely," I told him.

 "He seems cool." We kept walking and we also walked along the water at the beach. 

 "We should head back love, yeah?" Benny asked. I nodded and we raced to his car (of course I won). 

 As we were driving, we listened to music on the radio. As I saw my house come into view, he didn't stop in front of it, instead he kept on driving, making me slightly nervous. 

 "Benny, you passed my house." I said. 

 "Don't worry, I'm going back, I want to pull up in the direction of my house." He parked in a driveway a couple houses down mine, and backed out. As he was backed out onto the street, in my side mirror, I saw a car coming full speed, and it wasn't going to stop because of a car in the middle of the street. 

 "Benny, there's a car!" I screamed. The last thing I heard was faint screams and soon enough, the only thing that was heard was me slowly dying. 


A/N: New chapter, I haven't updated in a while, so figured I'd update now. Sorry it's so short but guys, I really need more views on this story! I know I don't publish frequently, but I try my best. Please help me out? Favorite/ comment/ like, and if you aren't already, fan me! Love you beautiful people! (: <3 ~ Niam's_Princess xx

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