Truly, Madly, Deeply

Chase's father passed in a mysterious fire 5 years ago, so that meant her mother was alone. She doesn't get along well with her mother, but she's very close with her 9 year old brother Danny. Chase's mom got a new job, so that meant she was very busy and it was just Chase and Danny. Chase hires a babysitter for Danny so she can go out with her boyfriend, Benny. Danny loves his new babysitter, and soon Chase and Danny grow a tight relationship with the babysitter. When something goes wrong in Chase and Benny's relationship, will the babysitter be there to lend a shoulder for Chase? Read & find out :)


2. Chapter 2

~Chase's POV~

I woke up to something hitting my face. I fluttered my eyes open, and saw Danny smacking me with a pillow. "What Danny?" I whined into the pillow. "Mom left for work, can you make me waffles?" He asked. I sighed and ripped the duvet off me and stomped downstairs.

I got every single ingredient out to make waffles and started to make waffles while Danny poured two glasses of orange juice. After making 4 waffles, I set two on two plates and Danny and I began to eat. "What do you want to do today bud?" I asked, taking a bite of my waffles. "Can Liam come over?" He asked, catching me off guard. "But he's the babysitter? You'll see him when I need him to babysit," I replied.

"Then can you leave so he can come?" I giggled, "Sorry bud no, but I'll see if he wants to come over and hang out with you." After finishing our waffles, I grabbed our plates and threw them into the sink and texted Liam at the number he gave me yesterday.

'Hey Liam. Danny misses you already, want to come over? - Chase

'Sure I'll be over in 10.xx' 

"Danny, Liam said he will be over in 10 minutes," I said. "Yay!!!!" He yelled screaming around the house. "Go get dressed!" I yelled since he was running god knows where. He ran up the stairs, and I followed him to get dressed myself.

I put on a lace flowy tank top and short shorts and left my curly hair the way it is. "Danny  Liam will be here any second!" I yelled outside of his door. Right after I said that, he swung the door open. "Come on buddy." I said crouching, so he could jump onto my back.

I walked down the stairs without a hassle since Danny weighs about 50 pounds. I set Danny on the couch, and went to open the door that someone had just knocked on. I opened the door to a familiar Liam. "Hey Liam!" I said. "Hey Chase," He said and hugged me. "LIAM!!!" Danny yelled, jumping into his arms. "Hey buddy, what's up?" He asked, giving Danny a noogie.

Danny grabbed Liam and I, and dragged us to the game room upstairs. "What do you wanna do first buddy?" I asked Danny. "Twister!" He yelled. I laughed at his hyperness and grabbed the game on the shelf, that was collecting dust as well as the other games. I laid out the mat on the ground, and we began playing the game.

"Right foot, blue," Danny said. I moved my right foot onto the only availible blue spot, and once I did, Liam and I fell to the ground in defeat. "I won!" Liam yelled. I laughed and picked the game up and put it back, with the assistance of Liam and Danny. "What do you want to do know Danny?" I asked. "Call of Duty!" He yelled. Liam and I gave each other the same look. "Well, he is nine..," I said, causing us to erupt in fits of laughter.

Danny gave everyone a controler and we all fell onto the three beanbags and we played. "Liam! Did you just kill me?!" I shouted angrily. "Yes," He replied, in a nonchalant way. "Why?" "Because it's fun killing you," He said, then shot me again. "Well, I'm done," I said dropping my controler. "Me too," Danny said.

"Why don't we go get some ice cream?" I suggested. Danny yelled, "ice cream!" and ran down the stairs. I laughed and grabbed my boots, put them on, then grabbed my purse and walked out the door with Liam.

We walked to the small ice cream shop down the street, and I smiled when I walked in and saw Benny. "Chase!" He yelled, walking out from behind the counter and inviting me in a bone-crushing hug. "Hi sweetie," I said then kissed his cheek.

"So what would you guys like?" Benny asked after walking behind the counter. "I'll have cookies & cream," I said, "what would you guys like?" I continued. "Chocolate!" Danny said. "Cookie dough please," Liam asked. "That will be 7 pounds, please," Benny said.

I reached into my purse and grabbed my credit card my mum gave me for entertainment purposes. I reached out to give it to Benny, but Liam beat me. "Liam, what are you doing?" I asked. "Buying my two new best friends ice cream. Keep the change," He said handing Benny a ten-dollar bill. "Thanks man," He smiled. He made us our ice cream and we walked out, and walked to my house.


We spent the rest of the day, snuggled onto the couch, having food fights, and watching Disney movies, and having a blast. Liam spent the night since we fell asleep and woke up at 1:30 a.m. This has definately been the best day I've had in a long time...




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