For The Love Of Leesi

Eighteen years and I have finally found out who my parents are--well my father anyway. Knowing that you're father is Zayn Malik from the used-to-be huge boy band is a complete change. So it looks like I'm spending the summer in London. It's time to learn who I really am, who I truly love, and if in the end I will able to tell the difference from reality and fantasy. *Sequel to For The Love Of Clara*


15. Noticed

Jed and I were heading to the front door of the flat complex. The screams were loud, how could this be happening so fast? 

He reached for my hand and as the doors opened, security surrounded us. I felt pushed, claustrophobic, but Jed was laughing. He enjoyed the attention. I was knew to it all. 

"Leesi!" I heard my name being screamed everywhere. Surprisingly the crowd were mostly filled with people around my age, the new generation. Except we weren't part of the pop music groups but the outcome of the music. We were the ones people watched in fashion, style, speaking, everything. 

So we were watched more. 

The door was opened of Jed's black SUV. I got into the passenger's seat and he smiled up at me 

"I hope you don't mind," he said.

"What--?" I didn't get to finish because he was soon crawling over me. 

"I would never get through that crowd," he said.

"Jed!" I was laughing as he got into the driver's seat. 

He looked back at me, and without warning he brought me close to him and he pressed his lips against mine, causing a roar of people to scream from outside the car. I rolled my eyes, security slamming my door shut. 

"Off to lunch?" He looked at me and smiled as I nodded.So much for a quiet lunch. 

We got to exclusive restaurant, where the people around us hardly stared. We were like normal people and I enjoyed that. Jed and I sat around a small table and received champagne. 

"This is so pretty," I said to him.

He smiled, "You're the only pretty one I see."

I looked away a smile creeping onto my blushing face. I know Jed, but he still had a way to make me feel new and innocent. 

"Hello, my name is Cla--." The waitress stopped mid sentence and stared at me.

"Are you alright?" I asked her. 

Her eyes widened. "Ma'am?" Jed stood up.

"No, no, no worries," she said as she told Jed to sit back down. "Hello, my name is C-Clara and I'll be your waitress for this evening."

As she started to talk about the menu, I couldn't help but watch her. The way her lips formed over her words, the way her hands moved as she talked. Her dirty blonde hair. 

Features that resembled mine. 

"Clara?" I questioned. 

She stopped, and pursed her lips without looking at me. "Yes?" 

"You know who I am, don't you?" 

"Lees?" Jed reached for my hand as I stood up. "What's going on?" 

He stood up beside me, "Can't you see it?" 

"See what? Lees, relax."

"No, you don't get it." I reached towards her and pulled her arm forward. I saw it before and lifted her sleeve a little higher. There it was, the dark birth mark. I rose my sleeve, and brought it close to hers. 

"That's impossible," said Jed. 

"Is it?" Clara said as she took her arm away from mine. "Leesi, I never meant for any of this to happen like this."

"You lied to me," I started as I reached for my purse and back away from the table. "I thought I was motherless for eighteen years and here you just show up. How many other people know you aren't dead." I scoffed, clearly pissed. 

She exhaled. 

"Tell me!" I yelled and everyone looked at me. "How many other people know?!" 

She closed her eyes briefly and then reopened to looked directly in my eyes. Yes I looked more like Zayn and now I know why. Her features were so gentle, soft, where Zayn's were more prominent, strong. 

"One," she breathed. 

"Who?" I said through my teeth. 

"Your father. Zayn knows." 

"Both my parents lie to me." I turned away and walked towards the door. 

"Lees!" Jed yelled after me. "She doesn't deserve this," I heard him say but I pushed through the door and went to his car. 

I needed to get out of here, leave. 

I felt fucked over, and the last people in the world I wanted to see were my own parents. 

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