For The Love Of Leesi

Eighteen years and I have finally found out who my parents are--well my father anyway. Knowing that you're father is Zayn Malik from the used-to-be huge boy band is a complete change. So it looks like I'm spending the summer in London. It's time to learn who I really am, who I truly love, and if in the end I will able to tell the difference from reality and fantasy. *Sequel to For The Love Of Clara*


18. Leaving Left Goodbye

I packed my suitcase in record time. It's only been thirty minutes since I said I was going home. Jed was waiting for me downstairs, after he already talked to his dad he was just going to buy things he needs in America.

Zayn was leaning on the door frame, with his arms crossed. "Leesi, I know you are upset but please be rational."

"Rational?" I scoffed. "You are talking to me about being rational? Zayn, I'm tired of this bullshit, I'm tired of being lied to. I just want to go back to the life I remembered, without the celebrity bullshit and without the constant guessing."

"You running away isn't going to solve anything," he said. 

I crushed my fist around the shirt I just finished packing. I turned towards him, "Is that what you told her? Did you tell her that when she wanted to fake her death and create a motherless child."

"That's different--."

"Ugh! I'm tired of your excuses. Nothing is going to change my mind. I don't know what your brilliant plan was to bring me here in the first place."

"I wanted to show you your home."

"No you wanted to show me my hell." I picked up my suitcase and without a second glance I walked around him and down the stairs. 

I saw Jed and he took my suitcase. "The car is waiting," he told me and I nodded. 

"Congratulations on fucking up any relationship you and I or Clara and I could of had!" I wanted to scream loud enough. Enough to make her cry herself to sleep, like she made me do for so many years. "I only have two parents and they are back in America, which is were I belong and a place I should've never left." 

Again, I was going to leave without another word. I was frustrated, and the only way to relieve my own anger was to disappear. Leave the place that is causing me all the pain. 

I walked down the stone pathway and into the car. Jed was already inside and had the car cool and ready to go. I looked once more at Zayn at the front door. 

"You ready?" Jed asked.

"Get me away from here," I said before he started on the road. Towards Heathrow. 

To soon be out of London, out of England. 

I already felt relieved when Jed and I bought the plane tickets. We were both dressed in hoodies, with sunglasses, trying our best to blend in and not get noticed by anyone. 

It seemed to work. I honestly felt the only reason people were staring at us was because we looked liked serial killers with the blacked out sunglasses and hidden faces. 

We ignored them anyway and waited for our plane to be called. 

"Are you okay?" Jed asked me.

I looked towards him, "Yea, I just never expected this trip to go the way it did."

"I know," he breathed. 

"You'll like California," I smiled. "It's warm."

"You think having a dad, like my dad, I would have already seen most of America. I'm happy to be going with you." 

"I love you Jed," I kissed his cheek, but the seconds before he turned his head and our lips connected. I smiled against his soft lips. This was the bliss. 

This was what I craved so much. Not to be loved by the parents I always wished I had but by someone who could love me back with as much love as I love them. 

Jed was perfect to fill that spot. 

He made me feel overwhelmed, loved, and most of all his. 

I was leaving England. 

I left my birth place.

Goodbye Zayn and Clara. 

I didn't care anymore. I didn't care about the past or the 'what happened'. I don't think I ever cared about them. 

I did find out who I was though. I figured that I was strong and and I knew my family and I didn't need a birth certificate or a legal paper to tell me different. I found my home and I found my life. I found everything that belongs to me.

And you know what? 

I fucking love it. 

The End.

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