For The Love Of Leesi

Eighteen years and I have finally found out who my parents are--well my father anyway. Knowing that you're father is Zayn Malik from the used-to-be huge boy band is a complete change. So it looks like I'm spending the summer in London. It's time to learn who I really am, who I truly love, and if in the end I will able to tell the difference from reality and fantasy. *Sequel to For The Love Of Clara*


4. Jet-Lagged? You And I Both.

Before ya read! Just a reminder that this story takes place in the summertime, and I know the event that occurs in this story happens in February, but let's just pretend it happens in the summer! Use that great imagination I know all of you have!! Thanks xx

"I can't believe you are taking us to this thing," I spoke through my teeth as I sat cross-armed in a leather seat of a black limo. 

"First it's a ball--."

"Who cares?" I rolled my eyes. Okay I was acting childish, but I was tired and needed to find a soft pillow and warm blanket. James looked really good at the moment as a sleeping place. He was sitting right next to me and all I had to do was lay my head on his lap. 

"I care," continued Zayn. "Anyway secondly, I've already told everyone you would be there."

"Who's everyone?" 

"Just a group of close friends. It's like a reunion." 


"Yes," he said. "Some of the artists and groups are getting together. It has been over ten years since we've all been in the same room together." He smiled and I again rolled my eyes. 

I turned to look at James, begging for him to start to complain as well, but all I got was a shrug and the turn of the head as he continued to look out the window. 

I exhaled, "How long are we gonna be here? You know we are almost eight hours behind right now."

"Well staying up is your best choice."


"Because," he started. "It just is, I know. I've been jet-lagged to many times to count."

"Really? You seem like you've done a lot of traveling." 

A smile appeared on his face, "Remind to kill Niall for not telling you two about our past life." 

"What is your past life?" I asked curiously. 

"Mm, nothing special," he said simply. 

This was exhausting. I was tired of all the short answers. Instead I studied the rhinestones embedded in my dark plume dress, Zayn insisted I wore. Truly it wasn't all that bad-looking, but it was completely red carpet style. James was wearing a black tux in which he borrowed from Niall before we left. 

I pinched a rhinestone in between my index finger and thumb, until I saw camera flashes outside the window as the limo slowly came to a stop. 

Sure enough a red carpet was lay out in front of us, where our feet would touch as soon as we exited the sleek limo. This was no ball, this was an an awards show. 

The limo door opened and Zayn stepped out and onto the limo, buttoning his tuxedo jacket. I looked from him to James.

"He has to be joking," he muttered. 

"Ugh," I groaned as we both looked back at him and saw him ducking his head back into the limo. 

"You two coming?" He smiled. 

"I rather not," James continued. 

"And I rather die," I finished. 

"Sorry, but both of those answers are incorrect. Come on or I'll get security to drag you out."

We both groaned until James got up first and walked across the floor of the limo and onto the red carpet. I followed him and it was like a quietness appeared. 

Everyone who was screaming was now silent. I noticed the crowd to be filled with middle age women, who wore tee shirts and held signs that advertised there favorite band. The most used name seen from my eyes were two words, 'One Direction'. It almost made me laugh, but I decided to hold in my laughter. 

Then I heard muttering, whispering, gasping from all around. "She looks like Zayn," I heard someone say, then: "He looks a lot like Niall." 

I reached for James' hand and our fingers intertwined. He hid our hands behind my back as I leaned over and whispered in Zayn's decorated diamond ear. For being in his thirties he still wore earrings which was so 2012, and when was someone going to tell him that the 'bad boy' figure just isn't in anymore? 

"What the fuck is this?" I whispered. 

His eyes narrowed for a  second before he recovered, "Watch your language and Leesi, James welcome to the Brits. The biggest award show in England." 

I looked back to the crowd and James and I together said one word, "Fuck."

"Ugh," Zayn groaned. "Language," he emphasized.

I--James and I--stood frozen until the crowd regrouped and I glanced behind me to see another limo pull up. I watched the door open over my shoulder, my bare skin tingling from the bright flashing lights. I began to see someone emerge. Someone with brown hair, tanner skin. My breath hitched as his almond eyes stopped on mine...then disappeared.

"Uncle!" He shouted as he walked over to Zayn.

"Max!" Zayn reached out for a handshake/hug thing as my hand started to get sweaty around James'.

"All right?" James asked me.

I looked up at him and nodded.

"How are you?" Zayn asked.

"Dad has me studying at Wolverhampton for the summer and in London for the summer. I don't know when he will ever let me into the music career." 

"You're not ready," another man appeared from the limo. Almost identical looking to Max, but lighter skinned and with more defined features. They were most definitely father and son. 

"Dad you were sixteen when you went and before that fourteen!" 

"We can talk about this later," said Max's father. 

"Hiya Zayn," he said. "Back from America?" He placed a hand over Zayn's shoulder and started to walk down the red carpet. James and I had no idea what or who anyone was so we just followed. 

"Got in this afternoon," said Zayn. "Completely knackered." 

'Knackered'? What the fuck was this place? 

"So where's the lovely girl?" They stopped and turned around catching me off guard. Again stopping on the red carpet was something I wasn't looking forward too. I didn't like the flashing cameras so I kept my head ducked down, until James held me back with our clasped hands. 

I looked up and forced a smile. "Hi?" Great introduction Leesi, just fantastic. 

"Liam this is Leesi, my daughter, and James, Niall's boy."

"So nice to finally meet the both of you," he smiled. "I'm Liam, and this boy over here is my son Max."

Max looked up from the newest iPhone edition and said simply, "Hi." 

"Hi," James and I both said uneasily. 

"Welcome to London," finished Liam. 

I smiled until security came by and ushered us into the arena and where I continued to watch my first awards 


Okay so I was hardly staying awake by the time they were awarding the Best Single Of The Year award. James and I sat beside each other, and we tried to keep each other awake. It was worthless. Finally the lights turned on in the arena for the twenty-second time that night...hell yes I counted. 

The lights meant commercial break which meant more questions which meant more answers. Blah blah blah. 

"I'm so sorry to hear that Niall hasn't told you two about our past," said Liam. "We must bring you all to the studio sometime." 

"Mm," I was so tired I hardly understood what he was saying. 

Since our arrival at the arena, the table we occupied was filled with plenty more people. Zayn, James, and I then there was Liam and Max, followed by some guy named Louis, and his wife Eleanor who was extremely pregnant. 

"Harry!" Louis shouted as the all-too familiar curly-haired Harry Styles stood doing an interview a couple tables away.

Harry put up his finger and with one smile the camera-crew nodded and he walked away and towards our table.

"Hey Lou!" Harry smiled as they both hugged. Some bromance going on there.

"I thought we were all sitting together?" Liam asked.

"We were until Cara's table got switched and now I'm enduring a two hour award show with a table that only talks about ruffles and this month's most popular silk color. I don't mind it though, sitting next to Cara is unforgettable especially since she knows the perfect way to get me turned on--."

"Enough Harry," Liam spoke sternly as Max and Louis laughed to extreme levels.

"I'm only having fun," he smiled. "Welcome to London, Leesi, James." We both looked up at him and smiled and then he bent down closer to the table and in between Louis and Liam. "Jet-lagged?" 

"Unfortunately," said Zayn. "I kept forgetting that they aren't used to traveling like us." 

"I know how to make this better," said Harry. 

I placed my chin on my open palm, I was seriously about to fall over, until two flutes of champagne where placed in front of me and James. 

"What's this?" I asked, sitting up straight. 

"You'll like it," said Harry. "Drink up, both of you. This is your first night in London and also the night of the Brits."

"So?" I questioned. 

"This is the most memorable and best party you will ever join. Plus we don't want you following asleep during the after party. So go on," he smiled as he drank out of his own flute. 

James and I looked at Zayn for approval, but he just shrugged his shoulders. That's right where eighteen, we can drink if we want too. 

I took hold of my glass and placed it to my lips. James was already on his second before the first droplet touched my tongue. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"You only live once right?" He asked. 

I laughed at his anxiousness, then drained my glass. 

Whew! Long chapter!! I hope you enjoyed and please remember my little quote at the beginning. Thanks!! 

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Much love, Morgan xx

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