For The Love Of Leesi

Eighteen years and I have finally found out who my parents are--well my father anyway. Knowing that you're father is Zayn Malik from the used-to-be huge boy band is a complete change. So it looks like I'm spending the summer in London. It's time to learn who I really am, who I truly love, and if in the end I will able to tell the difference from reality and fantasy. *Sequel to For The Love Of Clara*


9. His Flat

"You know, you can come in," said Jed as he continued to hold his apartment door open for me. "It's just my flat."

That's what scares me. I decided to enter anyways, "Why do you call it a 'flat'?" 

He shrugged as I heard the door close behind me, "Guess it's just British slang, don't Americans call it apartments."


"Well, we also call them that, just flats sound better, I guess."

It was getting awkward and quickly. I just wanted to runaway. Reopen his front door and escape this--what am I talking about? I just had the most amazing day with Jed and now I just want to walk away from it all? 

"Anyway," Jed started again obviously noticing the uncomfortable feeling in the room. "I going to head to the shower, the guest bedroom and bathroom is through that hallway there." 

He pointed in a direction down a lit hallway and I grinned awkwardly at him. Soon after not knowing what to say to either person, we nodded and went in our direction--away from each other. I soon heard a door close behind me and I made quicker strides to the guest room. I opened the first door I came too and luckily found a freshly made bed and open curtains. I exhaled, not realizing I've been holding my breath almost the entire time. 

I soon fell on top of the bed, looking up to the white ceiling. 

"What have you gotten yourself in to," I said to myself, cursing myself. "James is going to fucking kill me when I get home." I knew that James didn't really seem to warm up to Jed at the after-party the other night. Now probably wasn't the best time to make friends with a possible enemy...but he didn't seem like an enemy. Jed was kind, and he made me feel better. 

Answered my questions and kept me moving forward. Now I was stuck in one of his guest bedrooms.

"Ugh," I groaned as I lifted myself off the bed. I went to another door and found the bathroom. A shower didn't seem to bad right now. 

I turned the knobs and soon the water fell from the facet. 

Jed's POV

I let the hot water hit the back of my neck as my red hair stuck to my skin. I wasn't sure what happened today, it was all a blur. All I do know is that Leesi was in my flat. The thought made bumps appear on my skin. Sure I've had girls over, sure I've done anything but be innocent with them--but this was different. She was the daughter of Zayn, my dad's best friend. 

Besides, Niall's son has no doubt already has a hold of her. But--what if--no. 

"Ugh, stop it, Jed," I warned myself. "How could I ever think of that?" 

I pushed the bizarre thought from my mind and turn off the water. I reached for my towel and quickly drug it threw my hair. Stepping out I tightened the towel around my waist and shook the excess water from the ends of my hair, it laying straight and framing my face. 

The bathroom was clouded and hot, and when I opened the door to my bedroom I escaped into the cold of the flat. All thoughts leaving my mind, I didn't think twice to just leave my room and head to the kitchen. As I exited and continued down the hallway I heard grunting, muttering. 

I turned my head towards the laundry room. My lips went up into a smile as I watch Leesi fight with the dryer. She was in nothing but a matching black bra and underwear combination. My mouth watered. 

Stop. I swallowed and stepped forward, "Need any help?"

"This damn thing--," she looked up at me, I watched her eyes move over my bare chest before she she stopped on my eyes. "It...won'" 

"It won't, if you keep fighting with it," I said amusingly. "Here, let me show you."

I step forward and playing with the dial more than I should, it finally turned on. 

"Maybe you should get a decent dryer," she said. 

"Maybe you should get some clothing on," I spoke honestly, I always did. This time though, her near-nakedness was taunting and I wanted so badly to run my fingertips--.

"Oh," she said dryly. "Well, my clothing....."

Was in the dryer. Of course it was. 

"I like wearing warm clothing after a shower," she whispered and that's when I noticed strand of her hair curling at the base of her neck, where the moisture at wrapped itself in the tendrils. 

"That's fine. Well I'm going to get dressed."

"Oh okay." She didn't seem happy about my decision, but I remembered my thoughts from earlier and made a quick exit out of the laundry room and back to my own bedroom. 

I grabbed a pair of dark jeans from my dresser and pulled them on, keeping them unbuttoned, and getting caught in my own appearance through my mirror.

What was I doing? I could feel my mobile in the back pocket of my jeans and my first intention was to call someone. Ask them what I should do...I'm being childish. 

Instead I looked into my green eyes, exhaled and turned away. Towards my bedroom door and back to the laundry room. She was leaning against the wall, watching her clothing tumble around in circles.

"Jed?" She questioned me, but I ignored her as I took quick strides to land in front of her. 

I had her entrapped against the wall. Our eyes connecting, willing, wanting. Then I wrapped my arms around her waist, bare skin touching bare skin as I pulled her mouth closer to mine. I wanted to taste her, have her red lips touch mine, run my tongue along--. Ringing. Ringing?

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I muttered as the sound grew louder from my back pocket. I kept one hand on her back and the other hand I used to retrieve my mobile. 

She watched my face as I answered the phone, "Hello?" 

"Where are you, Jed? Reservations were for half an hour ago. The paps are getting bad, so get your ass over here," the all to known voice spoke into my ear. 

"Alright, alright," I said. "We'll be there soon."


"Yes, we," I confirmed. "See you soon, Dad." 

I hung up the phone and her face dropped. "He didn't know I was coming?"

"He likes surprises," I smiled faintly.

"Jed," she warned, but instead I did what I wanted to do earlier.

I placed my lips over hers and pulled her close as she moaned against my mouth. Her fingers soon escaping to my now dry hair. I wanted to deepen the kiss, I wanted to feel her. 

I pulled away, "Come on, he's already pissed that we're late." 

"Ugh, Jed. Great first impression," she muttered as she quickly opened the dryer and threw her clothing on. 

"We're leaving in five," I smiled as I exited the laundry room.

"Minutes?!" She shouted. "I'm going to kill you!" 

I left to my bedroom as I heard her running back to the guest room. The door slamming. This was going to be so much fun. 

Sorry I haven't been updating! I'm super busy!! I promise to try and update another story later, but please bare with me! Thank you! 

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Much love, Morgan xx

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