For The Love Of Leesi

Eighteen years and I have finally found out who my parents are--well my father anyway. Knowing that you're father is Zayn Malik from the used-to-be huge boy band is a complete change. So it looks like I'm spending the summer in London. It's time to learn who I really am, who I truly love, and if in the end I will able to tell the difference from reality and fantasy. *Sequel to For The Love Of Clara*


7. Ginger And White

The taxi pulled to a curb and I looked out of the tinted windows to read the sound of the coffee shop. 'Ginger and White' in elegant script. The door was open for me and I walked across the sidewalk and into the shop, my laptop bag high on my shoulder. I went to the counter and ordered a type of smoothie I've never heard of before. According to the menu it is said contain oranges, papaya and some fruit juice. My mouth watered just reading over the ingredients. 

I paid for my drink and found a secluded table, which there weren't many of. I took my laptop out of my bag and powered it on. I watched the people around me, obviously rich with money as the girls carried their Chanel bags and the men wore their Burberry suits. I didn't think twice about the way they were dressed or how they acted. I looked at the cafe for the name it was given...a cafe. 

My smoothie was brought to my table and I thanked the waiter. I took a delicious sip as I started the internet and typed in my father's name. It was still weird calling him that, but I put the emotions and feelings aside as I pressed enter. 

There were millions and millions of searches for 'Zayn Malik', a Wikipedia page, Twitter, whatever it was he had it. I clicked the Wikipedia page and the title stood out. 'One Direction' was headlining the page and I looked at the picture to the right which showed five guys. 

My mouth went open, Niall was the first one pictured than Liam. Harry was in the middle, Zayn and finally Louis. I read over the article. They were more than best friends, they were band mates. My father was part of a boy band, and I was still in disbelief. So this is how Niall could afford the expensive house and lifestyle in California. This is why his credit card never declined money. He was still receiving money after all these years. 

I scanned down the page and a headlining title appeared, "Clara Elyssa & Band Split Up" I started to read the article.

'During the early spring of 2011, Harry Styles was seen many times with flower boutique owner, Clara Elyssa, who provided flower decor for celebrities homes and weddings. They spent a lot of time together, and at the time, Elyssa played the role of being a French model to keep her privacy and she went by the nom de plum, Emma Bouvier. Her and Styles modeled together and their most successful and used campaign being the Naked for Dolce summer collection.

Even though they seemed to be happy, Elyssa would always appear unhappy in newspapers and magazines, a close friend of Styles' says, "Clara never seemed to be happy. She was crying all the time. Harry was in a rough time, dealing with the constant scandals and rumors in the papers." Afterwards, people started to suspect Zayn Malik and Clara together as they started to spend more and more time together, and even saving her from a crowd of paparazzi during a One Direction interview with BBC Radio 1. 

Sometime between February and March, Clara Elyssa conceived a child and she was kept in the protection of the band's management. Sources report she was taken to her home of Holmes Chapel, Styles' home as well. She was supposedly staying with family relatives (sources deny who) during her pregnancy until she returned back to London. She went into labor and Malik was the one to take her to the hospital. During the labor and delivery any and all access into the hospital was forbidden. 

The delivery was long and after giving birth to her daughter, Elyssa went into a unconscious state. She reentered this state twice and around 17:23 P.M. Elyssa died of childbirth. It was said that both Zayn Malik and Harry Styles took it the hardest and went into a depressed state. One week after the birth of her daughter and death of Elyssa, the band's management conjured a formal press conference worldwide. To watch the recorded conference please watch the video to the right.'

I placed my cursor over the play button, quickly pulling my ear buds from my bag. I pushed the buds into my ears and waited for the video to load. When it did, I saw a table of mournful boys, one girl next to Niall. Niall holding a 

"Hello," Liam was the first to start, he was reading from a sheet of paper. Looking up occasionally. "We, One Direction, are here to discuss the events that have occurred these past couple of months and most recently these past couple of weeks. We are first to talk about the newest creation which is placed in the arms of Niall Horan. Niall," Liam stopped and looked down the table at him. 

Niall rocked me gently in his arms. "Hello," he started the same way as Liam. "This past week--."

"You okay?" The voice wasn't coming from the video, but from in front of me. I pressed the pause button and looked up at a redhead, the familiar redhead. 

"Fine," I quickly spoke. 

"You don't look fine," he said beside me. "What are you watching?" 

"Nothing," I tried to turn the computer away from him but he quickly took it in his hands and looked at the screen.

"Ah, the press conference," he said. "Have you never seen it?"

"No," I pulled my computer back from his grasp. "I didn't know any of this," I said quietly. 

"They never told you?" He raised his eyebrows. 

I shook my head, "I guess they wanted me to find out by using a computer."

"Nah, Niall's turned stubborn," he said leaning back in his chair, his accent bubbling over his words. "He used to be carefree, until he found out you were taking trips to Europe."

My mouth clamped shut. He knew?

He must've read my thoughts, "Oh yea he knew. Harry came by my house to talk to Dad about you all the time. You're a true hellion aren't you." 

I rolled my eyes. "You try and be locked up in a gated community in California for eighteen years." 

"Touche," he smiled, and then he pulled the ear bud from my left ear and placed it in his right ear. "Press play, why don't you." 

I was still a little shocked by his own carefree attitude, but I turned back to the computer and pressed play. 

Niall continued to talk, "--we are saddened to loose someone so close to us. Then again we are very happy to have someone very special enter our lives. I present to the world, this very special girl, Leesi Clara Elyssa. Due to the wishes of her deceased mother, Clara Elyssa, Leesi has been placed under the protection of Modest! Management and will receive all financial care from her father Harry Styles. Clara has also wished that Leesi continue to be in the care of myself and Lola Peterson who is soon to be my wife and Mrs. Horan. We have not decided to change our plans and will continue to follow them out." 

I looked at Zayn and Harry. Zayn was looking straight ahead, his hard facial features trying to keep him composed. Harry was looking down, distressed and destroyed. Neither of them talked. 

"In conclusion," Louis was the one to finish and end the meeting. "We have all discussed and thought best that the band that we have grown to love be dissolved. From now on One Direction is henceforth disbanded and split. We will continue to be great mates and if asked still do performances, but we have to take in account the pain Harry is feeling from loosing his girl and take on the new responsibility of taking care of a new special girl." Louis wrapped his arm around Harry's shoulder. 

"Thank you for your time and to our fans," Louis ended. "We love you all and couldn't have done what we have achieved without you."

They all stood up, the flashes in the room taking full affect, until they were ushered by security to return to a back room. The video ended and a new headlining title appeared on the website. 

"Charity and Global Success

"Even though they broke up they continued to do as much as they could," said Jed. 

"I broke them up," I muttered. "I did all of this. Jed,  this is all my fault." 

"Leesi," he said. "Don't say something like that. They all love you."

"I took away their careers, I destroyed their lives."

"Stop," he said as he pushed the computer screen down. "Let me take you somewhere."

I kept looking at the closed computer screen, wishing I didn't research the topic I did. Wishing I was still in California.

"Lees?" I heard Jed's concerned voice beside me, but I didn't look up at him. "Lees? I got it, Ken." 

I finally looked up at Jed. "Take me away from here."

His green eyes sparkled as he nodded. He stood up and took hold of my hand. I looked back at my things scattered along the table, "Leave it," he said. 

I looked back at him and then let him take me away. Out of the door and then heading towards a dark SUV. He helped me up inside into the passenger's seat. He walked around and into the driver's seat. 

He started the car. "Where are you taking me?"

"A quiet place," he smiled as he pulled away from the curb. 

"Which is?" 

"Have you ever gone to Neverland?" He looked at me and smiled. 

Sorry this was more of a history chapter!! She had to find out sooner or later, though. Of course it's not true, but it's what happened! 

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Much love and stay forever strong, Behati xx

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