Find Me

"Come and find me" "Alyssa!" "You said you'd always find me Niall" "And I always will" "Then find me" "I'll always find you Alyssa.I promise"


2. the beginning,of where it started

Alyssa's POV:

"Holy crap Ronnie! How the hell are you not freaking out! Like,I swear!" I was ranting to my friend Veronica (Ronnie for short) about how she was showing no emotion. We ARE after all going to a One Direction concert. "I don't know! Ask my nervous system" She said some what funny but sarcastic. That's the thing about Ronnie. You don't know if she is ever sarcastic,or funny. But I still love her. I slammed my locker door shut. "Woah there buddy! Don't break that thing" Said Ronnie. I broke my locker once but it was by accident. So I just rolled my eyes at that comment. We slowly walked to the bus station near Oxford. I couldn't understand how Ronnie and I have known each other since Pre-school and have been in the same school since then. I couldn't even believe that I got into Oxford!And Ronnie and I have all classes together,not so good for my grade but always can improve. At the bus station,I see one of my friends Kiara. "Hey Kiki!" I yell at her. She turned back and ran to me. "OMG! Confirm and or deny,you and Ronnie at the 1D concert!" Kiki asked. I laughed. "Confirm to extent!" I screamed We both laughed. The bus I go on was pulled up. Me and Ronnie lie together so we obviously go on the same bus. I tell Kiki I would text her later. 


*What Allyssa wore to the concert *

We were driving to the concert. At the stop light Ronnie fixed my make up. "Thanks Ronnie" She just smiled. He smile faded,which followed screaming and a bigger smile on her face.  "WHAT! WHAT!" I asked her eager to know what happened.  "O-O-O-On-ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!" Ronnie yelled. I scram knowing One Direction were in front of my car. Soon Louis William Tomlinson was knocking on the car door! "Hello love,our car broke down,may you drive us to our concert venue,we'll give you directions" he said in his sweet voice. I was going to say something. But Zayn interpreted me. "YOU DOUCH! She's a directioner! And you can see she is the concert!!!!"  Louis stood there waiting for an answer. "Well get the fuck in boys!" Screamed Ronnie. "You know the way right!!!" Harry questioned me. "NOOO,I don't" I say in sarcasm "Sarcasm? Right..." Harry says questioning me again. We all laugh. "I'll take that as a yes."

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