Find Me

"Come and find me" "Alyssa!" "You said you'd always find me Niall" "And I always will" "Then find me" "I'll always find you Alyssa.I promise"


7. snow morning & a cheesy promise


Alyssa's POV:    I woke up 6:45 in the morning. I saw that Niall's arms were wrapped around my body. I tried getting out of his grip,but it was to tight. So I just layed there. I thought about yesterday. If I moved with my parents,I would be leaving Oxford,my home,Ronnie,Kiki,Tess,Wren,Luke, Yusef,Fielx,Anthony...and more importantly...Niall.  But,then again,my parents lived in Rhode Island. All my old friends,all my cousins,and family were there. I needed to talk to Niall about this. But for right now I fell asleep. School started in a hour anyway,there was a delayed opening.   * I woke up with the sweet smell of bacon and eggs. I glanced at the clock with my eyes still half open half closed. Or some where in the middle. It was... 3:48!!! I missed school. I looke at my door there stood Niall. Breakfast in his hands. More like lunch. "Awe! You made me lunch" "Yeah,I guess Lunch...was suppose to be breakfast but you were asleep all through everything" "What do you mean everything?" "Look out side would you" I looked out side,and it was snowing! "School was canceled" I was so happy I didn't miss school.    *  I was at Niall's house. We were all playing out side. It seemed like Ronne and Harry weren't as close as they were at the concert. I was getting really cold. "Niall,I'm reeeaaalllyyyy cold" "Okay,let's go inside" we walked inside. I took off my jacket and boots. All my clothes were wet. Niall came to the living room in new clothes and brought me hot coco. "T-Th-Thanks" I said shivering. "Your soaked!"  "Y-Yeah,oh well"  "I'll give you some of my clothes" A few minutes later niall brought me his soccer jersey and some of his sweat pants. I changed in them. We sat on the couch. And watched T.V. His arms around me felt warm and amazing. This was the perfect time to tell him. "Niall,yesterday,my mom offered to move back with them in Rhode Island. I have mixed emotions and I don't know what to do...I have you here and we've only known ech other for 2 weeks. And I don't,I just don't know what to do"  he hugged me tightly. "Lyssa,I want for you to be happy. I will always come and be there for you. If you runaway  from me I will find you. If you hurt your self,I'll heal you. If you break up with me,I'd cry forever. I sound cheesy,but it's true. I promise."  I felt tears forming. "That is so beautiful. And that sounds cheesy. But it is true" 
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