Find Me

"Come and find me" "Alyssa!" "You said you'd always find me Niall" "And I always will" "Then find me" "I'll always find you Alyssa.I promise"


4. First dates and jelousy


Alyssa's POV:     I couldn't even believe I was going on a date with Niall! I knew we would go bowling because he called me and told me. I wore my  colorful pants and my crop top shirt that had butterflies on the side of it. I wore my zipper stub earrings. I wore flip-flops,and put and extra pair of socks in my bag. I grabbed my phone and walked out the door.  I didn't see his car for 5 minutes so I decided to text him.  To: Nialler ;) 'Where are u!!!'   From: Nialler ;) 'got mobbed by fans,I'n almost there!'    To: Nialler ;) 'okay,see ya! :)'    From Nialler ;) 'Okay thanks for understanding! <3'    In the next 5 minutes Niall was on my drive way. I smiled politely and walked to his car. "Hey Alyssa" He said a bit shyly. "Hey!"" I said not so shyly. When I noticed his arm was bleeding I freaked out.  "NIALL! Your arms bleeding!" "Oh now is it?" He says sarcastically. "Niall,really! Turn around." "why!" "I'll patch it up! It's deep!" "Fine" Niall said sighing. At my house I rinsed it off with hot water. I puffed it softly. "Ow!" "Sorry!" "''s okay" I looked away. It felt awkward. When I got the baind aid,I put it on. Soon,slowly we had her lips against each other. "Thank you," Niall said. I let out a chuckle. "For the band aid,or the kiss?" "Both" he said with a wink. We kissed again. That's when Ronnie walked in. "Oh..." She said awkwardly. "Sorry" There was a silence. Niall and I got up. "We'll,we should be going now." We left the door.    Ronnie's POV: I don't why,but I was  jealous of Lyssa! She always has everything where she wants it. She has the perfect grades,friends,style, relashionship. Don't get me wrong I love her so much! But she can't ever not be happy. I really just hope that this jealousy wears off soon. 

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