Find Me

"Come and find me" "Alyssa!" "You said you'd always find me Niall" "And I always will" "Then find me" "I'll always find you Alyssa.I promise"


6. fights & sharing secrets


Alyssa's POV:     Niall and Ronnie were just standing there in a awkward position. Ronnie left and went to her room. Niall had no idea what to do. "Niall go to my room,I'll be there in a bit" I whispers in his ear. "Uh,where is it?" He asked me. "Upstairs,first left" he nodded and made his way upstairs. I knew it would be a long night. Mom is here after all. "Why are you here?" I sparred out. "What? No Hi,Hello?" She asked jokingly,even though I wasn't in the mood to joke. "Fine,Hi,Hello,Bonjour,Namasta,Ram Ram,Aloha! Happy?"  "I could appreciate it with out the sass"  "Why are you here?" I moved on.  "Just wanted to check on you"  "I'm 18,19 in 4 months,I think you don't need to check on me."  I walked to the kitchen, like the daughter does in the movies and started cleaning up. My mom still in the living room said a bit a girls now "We'll,clearly I do,first you come home on a Thursday night at 11:45, second your grades a plummeting down, and your having one night stands! Haven't I thought you better!?" She said making her way to the kitchen. I slammed the cups in the kitchen sink. "You haven't taught me any thing!"  "I raised you Alyssa!"  "Coming from the person who left her child with her half dying husband and went to Australia for 4 years!"  She came up to me closed. "Alyssa,I was going to offer for you to come and stay with me and your father. Not sure if you want to come any more, but If you do,give me a call,same number."  She was towards the door. Then I said one last thing. "Mom. Niall's not a one night stand. He's my love"  "said that about Aaron too...don' let him be some summer love"  I let out a small laugh. "It's not even summer mom..."  "I know,but what I'm saying don't let him be some to go,bye Alyssa."   "Bey"   *   I went to my room. Slammed the door. And slid down it. Ya know,like the movies. I opened my eyes. And there stood shirtless Niall. "Oh...Hi" I said obviously turned on by this. "That was quiet something down there."   "Tell me 'bout it"  tears were forming and I couldn't hold them back.  Niall ran up to me and say beside me. He embraced me into a hug. His bare chest was warm,and it felt good. I hugged him back. "Alyssa,can you keep a secret?"  "Of course I can"  "your my first true love"  "Your mine"  He smiled. And we  kissed. It felt good knowing,someone I stalked online was now kissing me passionately on the floor,in my bed room...dang! I'm gonna be so hated! Yeah!  I've always wanted to be hated world wide! Ya know,have girls be jealous of me and that shit...  

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