Find Me

"Come and find me" "Alyssa!" "You said you'd always find me Niall" "And I always will" "Then find me" "I'll always find you Alyssa.I promise"


3. crushes,kisses,and questions

 Alyssa Pov:

It was a fun ride to the venue. "Bey! See ya soon" Ronnie said with a wink. "Hopefully!" Harry said not knowing Ronnie meant the concert. Harry and Ronnie looked so cute together. AW! Veronica & Harry Styles! I snapped back to reality. "Bey guys!" I scream catching their attention. The all waved bey to me. I slid back into the car. I sighed along with Ronnie. "Lyssa," "Yes Ronnie" "Did One Direction just sit in YOUR car,and did WE just drive them to their venue?" "I think so" Looking at each other for a split second we both scream. I drove to the parking lot,trying to find some where to park my car. When I found the perfect place.


Niall's Pov:

"Awe! Niall has a secret crush!" Sang Liam. "I don't like her!" I said frustrated. But I don't know if I liked her or not,so I was more frustrated at my self. "He's right Liam! Niall doesn't like that girl, he LOVES her!" Said Harry. I felt like punching both of them. "And what if I like..."  I took a moment. "Crap! I forgot to ask her, her name!" They all laughed at me. Paul called us all in for a meeting. "Okay,kids," Louis interpreted Paul."Paul! We are NOT kids!" Paul sighed. "Fine. Okay Adults,I have 2 backstage passes give it two girls in the crowd. Got it!" Paul said. I knew just who to give it to. "I'm giving one to Ronnie!" Yelled Harry. I figured out Ronnie was the other girl in the car. "I'm giving to to her friend!" I yelled. "You mean Alyssa!" They all yelled. "How the hell do you know her name!" I asked. We continued our conversation till the stage. Before it started I peeked out side and saw Alyssa. "Perfect." 


Alyssa's Pov:

I couldn't even begin to comprehend that Niall & Harry gave Ronnie and me back stage passes! "Hi!" We both yelled when we got back stage. "Hey there!" Yelled Liam. "Hi" Said Zayn "Whats up?" Said Louis. Harry and Niall just waved.  We were talking about random things. Ronnie and Harry started off really good and they left for a while. Bet their banging each other. Louis had to pick up Eleanor and Liam went a long. Zayn and Josh went to get us food. So it was just Niall and I. "So how's Oxford?" Niall asked. He just made it even more awkward."Do you really care" I asked. "No..." His voice trailed off. "Wanna play a game?" I asked Niall. "Is it sexual?" He asked. I really damn badly wanted to say yes. "Uhhh,a little" A smile appeared on his beautiful face. "What's it called?" He asked me. "Too hot" "How do you play?" "Well you have to keep kissing each other and you have to keep your hands away from your opponent. The one who pulls away or stops kissing does what ever the winner wants them to do." He nodded. I didn't know how to start. So I just pulled in. I thought he wouldn't kiss back but he did.


Niall's Pov:  

We were kissing for maybe 5 minutes. Until everyone came back. Alyssa quickly pulled back. "You lost!" I yelled laughing. I didn't care what everyone else was thinking. "Okay,okay, I admit defeat." She said. "What's my command." She asked waiting. "Ask me to go out with you" I said strongly hating what I had said. "I was gonna ask any way,but anyways, Niall your going out with me. It's a command" She winked at me. I smiled and kissed her again. Everyone clapped. Thank goodness! She's mine! 

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