Find Me

"Come and find me" "Alyssa!" "You said you'd always find me Niall" "And I always will" "Then find me" "I'll always find you Alyssa.I promise"


8. Aaron


Ronnie's  POV:      Damnit! Niall and Alyssa can't seem to be broken apart. I convinced Alyssa's mom to come here and tell Alyssa to come with her parents to Rhode Island,but Alyssa declined. I really hope this plan works. He hates her any ways. My plan was to date Alyssa's worst nightmare. Aaron Holt. It all started last summer. Alyssa did a wilderness camp. She thought she needed to 'get out more' and make 'new friends' so she found a camp and just...went.  She met Aaron and they started out really good. Turns out he wanted her families money. She tried breaking up with her. But he wouldn't let her. Aaron just hurt her. Alyssa still has those scars. But it came to the point were I had to do this. Niall isn't for her. He's just playing her. I can feel it. A bell rang. My thoughts inturpeted. I went to open the door. Aaron looked better than ever. His once blond hair was brown,he had dark green eyes. He was strong but still thin. His hight was average. "Aaron!"  "Ronnie!" "You look fit"  "look at you! No braces or glasses!"  "Okay c'mon in,Alyssa should be here any minute I'll fill you in"  "Ronnie,I've alwaysed loved you. But I didn't know you could be so..."  "Devious?"  "Yeah..."  "What is that a bad thing?"  "No...I like it" 
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