That feeling inside

Meet the girls from brighton who are obseesed with the idea with romance! Boys, dates, kissing; you name it, they know it in and out! This story follows the girl Natasha who loves the new guy at school but when disaster strucks, will her crush be hers? Has she got enough time to get the guy of her dreams?


1. Love at first sight

"Bye Mom!"
Before I leave to go to school I always say goodbye to my mum. Always. Even so, today is going to be different; I'm sure of it. I'm happy to say that from today, I am a year 9 student at Westwood High School. Most girls at my school would be unhappy because it's that year when you start a lot of your exams but I'm happy go lucky! Real romance starts in year 9 and I'm not exaggerating one bit. My two cousins and my older sister got a boyfriend in year 9 and they are still in a relationship. It's obviously true!

As I walked down the empty street, I felt excitement bubble inside me. This year is going to be great! I thought. When I finally arrived at school the sky started to rain heavily so I dashed into Westwood High. I want to look my best for all the boys now don't I? Coming back to my class is never a bore because my friends and I always had so much to talk about! As I entered the cassroom my friends turned around and gave me a beaming smile. I ran over to them to hear what they had in store.

" Hi Natasha, It's so great to see you back from the holidays I have missed you so much!" my friend Emily exclaimed. Emily is one of three friends and always puts the joke in every converstaion. For the holidays, her family went to their summer house in Spain so Emily has such a gorgeous tan.
"In the summer holidays, my mum brought me the whole series for the 'Girl Love' magazine's; isn't that cool?! We have also got ones that haven't come out yet!" Phoebe explained.
Phoebe is such a good friend because she is always there for you and she is a great listener. Her mum works for a famous book publisher so she gets a lot of free liturature every now and then.
" You never guess what happened to my sister the over day Natasha; it was hilarious!" laughed Lizzy.
Lizzy was a very talkative person and she always has the juciest stories in our gang. She is also the known as the 'romance goddess' because she literally knows everything there is to know about love.

Suddenly, our tutor teacher Mrs. Hornbell came through the door with a spring in her step.
"Welcome back students to school; I hope you had lovely time off but it is now time to knuckle down with yor exams." explained Mrs. Hornbell.
Everyone in the class let out a huge groan as if we were all ghosts.
"Anyway, we have a new student coming to our class today. His name is Micheal Evans and he came from California. I want you all to treat him well." said Mrs. Hornbell.
A boy came in and he looked absolutely g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! You coulds see his lovely, chestnut, brown hair fly as he flicked his head round. The way he strolled casually into class like some celebrity. This guy was definitely number 10 on the 'hot boy scale'. The hot boy scale or HBS, is a chart which gives the rating of a boy's looks and actions. We made the scale when we were in year 7. When Micheal sat in the closest empty chair, my friends and I mouthed the words:
"Oh, my, god!"
I told you that today will be great, didn't I?


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