That feeling inside

Meet the girls from brighton who are obseesed with the idea with romance! Boys, dates, kissing; you name it, they know it in and out! This story follows the girl Natasha who loves the new guy at school but when disaster strucks, will her crush be hers? Has she got enough time to get the guy of her dreams?


2. Chance

"Now I would like the class rep to show Micheal around the school which is you Natasha. This will probably take up your first lesson and maybe some of your second so give in homework on the way if needed." said the teacher happily.
As we exited the room I couldn't help but feel so happy with what I have achieved so far but I had to take this tour seriously. I couldn't mess this up because this could this be my only chance. I needed to reach for it, grab onto it and never let it go.
"Are you ready Natasha?" Micheal asked sweetly; interrupting my thoughts.
"Yes, ready than ever!" I replied.

As we walked across the squeaky-cleaan corridors I tried to get a conversation going but it didn't seem to work. I then asked him a question; which was a little risky at this stage but I still had to try.
"Hey, I have an idea. I'm going to London after school as we finish early. Would you like to come with me? You're new here so I can help you see all the wonderful sights that you can see here in England." I asked
" It sound like loads of fun! Of course I'll come!" He said exitedly.
I was over the moon when he said that; I really can't wait to go with him! We faced eachother suddenly which made both our cheeks blush like strawberries. The rest of the journey was in utter silence.

After school, I waited outside the gate with the summer sun bursting out of the clouds. When Micheal finally arrived, I gave him a quick smile and grabbed onto his hand as we ran to the bus. We ended up sitting at the back becuse the bus was tightly packed with people. As I sat down, I noticed that our hands were still linked together. I kept it that way. A warm feeling rushed through me like a wave as I saw the school go past the horizon.

It took a while until we got to London but we kept ourselves entertained by asking questions like Where do you live? Do you have siblings? What do you like to do? It was very interesting to find out that he lives in a family with 5 siblings! Stepping off the bus was breath-taking; in front of us was the collosal London Eye; towering over us like a giant. Micheal looked at me hopefully; obviously wanting to go on it. When I said yes, it was his turn to grab onto my hand and run to it.

There was barely any people lining up so we got on it quickly and we got a pod all to ourselves.
"Wow! The view is amazing! I love it here in London!" he laughed.
I tried to smile back to show him that I was enjoying myself too but I couldn't. I'm afraid of heights. I stood there paralyzed with fear as we went higher and higher into the sky.
"Are you afraid of heights? I'm sorry. I feel bad about dragging you on here now. Look, I'll make it better." he said sympatheticly.
Unexpectedly, he gave me a big hug so I couldn't see how high we were. I clasped onto him tightly as I now know that, when I'm with him , I'm not scared of anything. We stayed hugging until we came off. As he hepled me off the pod; the clouds let out great amounts of rain like a waterfall. We sprinted underneath a gloomy bridge to keep as dry as possible. The rain kept on pouring so we kept on waiting. After a while, my body began to shiver from the icy cold of the miserable weather.
"Natasha; you look freezing! Here." He said.
He took off his jacket and placed onto my shoulders.
"Thanks Micheal." I replied, while snuggling into the jacket.
I closed my eyes to try to stop me shivering and at that moment Micheal came closer. He kissed me. He actually kissed me! I felt his smooth lips touch mine which felt like a bolt of electricity, running through my body. He then moved away; blushing scarlet. I  kissed him back. What I felt now; it was love. Real love. We stood there hugging until the rain finally stopped. I looked at my watch; 3:30 p.m. Looks like my day with Micheal was over. I needed to get back by 4:15.
"I have to go now Micheal. I'll see you tommorrow." I said sadly.
He gave me one final kiss before I went off.

When I got home, my family were waiting for me with huge grins on their faces.
"Natasha, we have some very good news for you!" My father said; almost laughing.
" We wanted to tell you earlier but we wanted it to be suprise. We're moving!" my mother said with such glee.

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