Little Princess :)

"He left?" "Yes he auditioned for X Factor. Im sorry." Right then and there i broke down in tears. Whos gonna help me i thoughted. What am i gonna do now? Im pregnant and now alone with no one. He never even told me. He even didnt say goodbye. I dont want to see him ever. I fell in love with a boy and later to find out that i need him i just dont want him. Now they find me and i finally tell him about his daughter. Read to find out more.

Guys this is my first Movella soo please no hate!!! Thanks for reading!!!


1. Get Out


"Yes sweetheart."

"Whos Daddy?"

At that moment alot of things,flashbacks and memories came flooding back


"Oh Uh." I knew it was time my two year old daughter needed to know about daddy. "His name is Harry."

"Where dwose he live?"

"His lives somewhere else."

Why dwoesnt he live with us i see people with a momma and a daddy."

"You Really want to know?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Ok just lay on my lap sweetie" she nodded "Well his name is Harry Styles he had curly brown hair and green eyes just like you sweet heart. He is on the famous One Direction. I know you love there song What Makes You Beauiful". At that moment i heard on the Tv One Direction is roming the streets. Then i heard a knock.

"Hello?" a brittish voice said

i got up and walked over to the door and opened it and came in tumbleing five boys.

"Uh what are you doing here umm this is my house now you may leave."

"Please let us stay here we need to get away from the fans. By the way my name is Louis. This is Niall Harry Zayn and Liam."

"Um i dont know?"

"Please momma please?"

"Thats your daughter?" Niall said

"Umm yeah. Ok go make your self at home i have a two couches and 1 guest room 1 will have to sleep on the floor. You can make food but no mess. Understood?"

"Understood." They all said

OH my gosh One Direction is staying at my house and me and Harry has a kid but he dosnt know or remebered me why is this happening? This should be fun.

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