San Fransico Lost

When Alexandria has to move to Maui, Hawaii her boyfriend is devistated. They keep a long distance relationship but they still wish they coud see each other. 6 years later when shes 19 her family goes back to san fransico for a vacation, when she sees her boyfriend again she wants to stay with him forever will she stay or go back to Maui?


3. Boxes, Boxes, more Boxes, oh and Boxes.

"WAKE UP NADIA WERE MOVING TODAY! SAME FOR YOU ALEXIA COME ON!" my brother shook me awake. I looked around the room and at the door where there were boxes stacked up to the ceiling. "START PACKING!!! Mom wants most of this stuff in boxes by today so we can get moving and on our way!" My brother said while walking away.

"Well that sure was a wake up call." said Nadia.

I smiled and nodded. We worked on the room for Three hours until we couldn't pick up another box of clothes, or nik-naks.

"This is horrible, We only got half the room done and its only been 3 hours." Nadia whimpered.

"Girls you better star hurrying! We only got another hour before were shipping our stuff over to Hawaii and someone from our family's gotta be there to bring the stuff to the house!" Mom yelled up the stairs.

"Then we better hurry, come on!" Nadia yelled.

After a half hour of rushing and getting everything into boxes, well I say me and Nadia made an accomplishment, everything was stripped and taken off the walls, shelves, and beds. Me and Nadia ran down the stairs 10 times each time with only one box.

"You girls done? We already packed everything else in the house and got it in the Three cars, you ready to drive down to the port?" We all nodded our heads yes.

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