San Fransico Lost

When Alexandria has to move to Maui, Hawaii her boyfriend is devistated. They keep a long distance relationship but they still wish they coud see each other. 6 years later when shes 19 her family goes back to san fransico for a vacation, when she sees her boyfriend again she wants to stay with him forever will she stay or go back to Maui?


2. 1 Day, 2 Minutes, 47 seconds.

I ran into Izzy's house.

"Woah, Calm down Alexandria! Calm down." Some guy grabbed my shoulder.

"Get off ya' pervert!" I yelled in his face. Izzy came running over to me and handed me a Cup of punch.

"Cute dress!!!!" she yelled. "Come here Justin's upstairs on the couch waiting for you."


I sat on the couch next to him and kissed his cheek, He smiled and waved for Izzy to sit in the seat next to the couch.

"Justin, Izzy. I have bad news...." I whispered.

"What?" Justin asked.

"Alexia, Tell us, Please were your friends." Izzy said.

A tear ran down my face and I started to cry, Justin wrapped a arm around me. I finally choked it out, "I'm... I... I have to move.." I burst out crying.

"Where to? It cant be that far, Tell us all what happen." Izzy said to me.

"Well my dad said he had good news, Like i told you Izz, but when i got home it was actually bad news. My mom told us then me and Nadia got mad and they made us go to our rooms...."

"So... you HAVE to move.." said Justin.

"Thats what my brother said..." i shifted in my seat and swivled down into the crease in the couch. "And another thing... I'm moving to Hawaii."

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