San Fransico Lost

When Alexandria has to move to Maui, Hawaii her boyfriend is devistated. They keep a long distance relationship but they still wish they coud see each other. 6 years later when shes 19 her family goes back to san fransico for a vacation, when she sees her boyfriend again she wants to stay with him forever will she stay or go back to Maui?


1. Papas News

"Do you really have to go home Alexia, Justin is coming to the party tonight!"

"I know Izzy, But my Dad said he has news for us tonight. My mom said it will cheer us up." I said. Izzy looked over at me with a frown, "Okay maybe I'll come after he tells us, If I'm up to it." I smiled at her.

"Good! Don't come dressed like that though. Wear something nice.... You know. For Justin,"

"I know." I smiled at walked down my street.


I walked into my house and it smelt like cookies. "Mom? Are you making cookies?" i asked. My mom nodded and waved me over to a seat at the table, dad was sitting next to her, and so was my sister. Wheres Devon?

"Devon! Come down here! We need to tell you something!" my Dad yelled. My brother came running down the steps smiley and godly.

"Okay, So you guys know that your dad got a promotion at work and got a higher raise...." she paused, "Well theres more, your Dads boss is moving him to a new work, which means we have to move. Greg will you tell them where."

There was a small silence before he answered, "Ah, yes. Were moving to Maui Hawaii." I almost died, Maui! Hawaii! Thats my dream place.... But... My friends...

"WHAT! WHAT!" I started to freak, I remembered I wouldn't be with my friends anymore, my school would be gone from sight, i could no longer wave down the street to my friends.

"Now calm down Alexia, You can come and stay at grandmas and Grandpas when we visit and maybe with your friends." My mom said.

"What! No!" now my sister was joining in, "Mom! We can NOT move to Maui! Now don't get me wrong its beautiful down there, but what about our family, friends, education. Dad, this is where we grew up, the whole neighborhood knows us, and... and... We just can't move!"

"ALEXIA! AND NADIA! You will respect your dad and how great hes doing in work and that he got this promotion to move to Maui! NOW STOP AND GO TO YOUR ROOM!" My mom was pissed. Me and Nadia ran up the stairs and ran into our shared bedroom.

After an hour of us sitting in our beds up on our walls in silence Nadia talked, "I'm not moving, They can't make me..." she said.

"Nadia, Your 15 and I'm 13, they are going to make us move, and we have to." after i said that Joe burst into the room.

"Hey, I was listening the whole time. Sorry, but i dont want to move either. But mom and dad already packed things up, i helped. Were moving. We cant stop it." he said. We sat there for another hour, all three of us in silence. When my phone went off.

*BEEP BEEP* I picked it up and read the message, 'Justin: R u coming to the party or not', "OH NO! I need a cute dress, Nadia will you help me?"

"I got this! Hurry grab my makeup and I'll get out an outfit. How much time you got?"

I checked the clock, "Half an Hour."

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