Emma hensin lives next door to the all famous Louis Tomlinson. They were BEST friends before X Factor and they did EVERYTHING together and i do mean EVERYTHING! Now it's been a year since they have seen each other and Emma just hopes that he hasn't changed.... oh how she hopes he hasn't changed...


2. Memories

I ran for a few seconds then stopped as i saw the small fort. Me and Louis had made this fort when we we're twelve. We went there everyday until we we're 14! I kept walking a little ways more and saw the small fire pit. I sat down on the small log next to it and stroked the spot where Louis would always sit. i sighed. how could he not rember me?


i thought a while then stood up and walked a little off to the side and saw the Tree House we had made when we we're 16. I climbed the ladder and looked around. there was a counter and a small bed. I would go here anytime, anything would happen to me. I had practicly lived up here sometimes. I would see Louis wondering around looking for me, and he would find me, up here.


There's also a small whiteboard in here and we would sped hours talking to eachother through whiteboard, beacuse i was always so sad to say what i wanted to say. I remember the night my parents got divorced. when my dad told me i was out on the back porch, I had been sad until my dad stood up and walked tword me. he looked mad. i bracked up twords the woods. "AND ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!" He yelled trying to hit me. I screamed as loud as i could and ran as fast as i could into the woods.


i had came up here and within seconds, Louis was up here too. i couldnt even say what i wanted to so i had wrote it on the board. i had stayed in the tree house all that night.


I traced one of my cuts on my arm from my dad. I went to his house every weekend and was very abused. but i had no choice. If I didn't i would not get to see my mom ever agian. so i went. for my moms sake and my sanity.


I slid down the ladder and walked back home. once i got into my room i slipped on some shorts and a tank top. man was it HOT in that room! whew! I crawled under the covers and went to sleep thinking about Louis... Wishing I could just go back and do it all over agian... but little did i know, that would all change.........................



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